What is a Propagule in Minecraft? – Answered

Propagule in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.19 update, titled The Wild Update, has introduced a new variety of trees called mangroves. Like every other tree, mangroves also have their unique saplings called propagules.

Minecraft mangrove trees share lots of similarities with real-life mangrove trees. Both of them grow from propagules. In Minecraft, mangrove trees grow out of propagules placed underwater.

In this article, you will learn about everything related to propagule in Minecraft.

How to Get a Propagule in Minecraft?

Mangrove Propagules
Mangrove propagules hanging from leaves of mangrove trees

Propagules are found hanging down from the leaves of mangrove trees. Players can discover mangrove trees in mangrove swamps. You can use bonemeal on mangrove leaves block to grow a propagule out of it. When a propagule has fully grown, players can break it using their hands or any tool and obtain a propagule.

How to Use a Propagule in Minecraft?

Propagule is the first tree sapling in Minecraft which can grow underwater. It can also grow on mud, moss, and other variants of dirt blocks except for dirt path. To use a propagule, you will first have to plant it on a block where it can grow, such as dirt, mud, grass, etc.

Propagule planted underwater
Propagule planted underwater

After panting a propagule, all you have to do is wait for it to grow into a tree. It can take a long time for a sapling to grow into a tree. IF you want to fasten the process, you can use bonemeal on propagule to make it grow into a full mangrove tree instantly.

Unlike other Overworld trees, mangrove trees are quite extraordinary. When a propagule grows into a mangrove tree, it converts any nearby mud block into muddy mangrove roots. Mangrove root blocks can generate submerged under the water. Players can also find moss carpets on mangrove tree logs.

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What is a Propagule in Minecraft? – Answered


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