The Pink Cat is one of the uncommon pets in Roblox Adopt Me that many players want to add to their collection. However, they fail to do so because of the unavailability of Pink Eggs in the game. Seeing that, many players try to get the Pink Cat via Trade. But before that, players often want to know what is a Pink Cat worth in Roblox Adopt Me?

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Seeing that, we prepared a handy guide that talks about the worth of Pink Cat in Adopt Me. 

What is a Pink Cat Worth in Roblox Adopt Me?

The worth of a Pink Cat pet in Adopt Me is equal to that of a Hyena. So, if someone is offering you a Pink Cat for a Hyena or vice versa, you can go with the trade as both parties are equally benefitting from the trade. 

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That aside, the Pink Cat’s worth is slightly less than the Broken Egg and a little more than the Hugging Egg. Keep these things in mind to draw a general estimate on whether you are benefitting from the trade or not. 

Well! We always say. When it comes to the worth of an item. It depends on how badly we need the said item. But since you are checking this article, you are, of course, a smart player who doesn’t make irrational decisions. By knowing the estimated worth of the Pink Cat, you can have a genuine trade with other players in-game or via third-party websites. 

How to Get Pink Cat in Adopt Me?

You can get Pink Cat in Adopt Me by hatching Pink Eggs. When you hatch a Pink Egg, which is no more available in the game, you have a 100% of getting an uncommon pet, including the Pink Cat. 

Adopt Me is currently available on the Roblox platform. 

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