Being a role-playing title, Diablo Immortal offers a myriad of attributes and stats that not many players are aware of. Because of this, they cannot build their characters correctly. Among the many attributes available in the game, we have Potency that has little to no information available in-game—making players question – what does Potency do in Diablo Immortal?

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In this guide, we answer the question of what does Potency do in Diablo Immortal.

What Does Potency Do in Diablo Immortal?

The Potency attribute in Diablo Immortal governs the duration for which a debuff gets applied to your opponent in PvP or PvE situations. Whenever you apply a status effect on enemies, the Potency attributes and enemy resistance are taken into account to decide for how long will the status effect remain applied to the enemy. 

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The higher your Potency compared to the enemy’s resistance against the said status effect, for more time the effect/debuff remains applied to the enemy. 

Depending on your character’s Potency attribute, you can increase the time for which a status effect remains applied in PvE combat by 99%. Meanwhile, during PvP combat, you can get a maximum of 50% increase in duration for which a status effect remains applied.

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In short, Potency is a late-game attribute that will help you deal massive damage to a horde of enemies and to other players over time. It also creates opportunities and a window to attack your opponents during combat. 

How to Increase Potency in Diablo Immortal

You can increase your Potency in Diablo Immortal by leveling up your character’s Will Power stat in Normal difficulty. You can also use Paragon Points to level up Persistent Attributes to ultimately increase the Potency of your character. 

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You can get Paragon Points after level 60. Once you have unlocked the Hell Mode. 

Diablo Immortal is a massively multiplayer roleplaying game currently available on the Android, iOS, and PC platforms. 

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What Does Potency Do in Diablo Immortal? – Answered


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