What does Loyalty do in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?


Minecraft Bedrock Edition features tons of unique advancements for armors, weapons, and tools. With enchantments, players can improve their gear’s efficiency and add new features. Trident, a rare weapon, has multiple exclusive enchantments such as Channeling, Riptide, and Loyalty. In this article, we talk about Loyalty enchantment and understand what Loyalty does in Minecraft.

Loyalty Enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock Edition: All you need to know

Loyalty is an enchantment that only works on tridents in Minecraft. If you don’t know about tridents, it is a weapon capable of both melee and ranged attacks. Players can use it to hit nearby enemies as well as those at a far distance. After throwing a trident, it has to be picked back, which can be pretty tiring. This is where Loyalty enchantment comes into play.

A trident enchanted with Loyalty returns to its owner after it hits a block or an entity. With this enchantment, players can freely throw their trident at any target. Loyalty enchantment has a maximum level of three in Minecraft, but it works perfectly at level one.

When a trident with Loyalty enchantment hits a target, it waits for a certain duration before returning. With each level, the waiting time is lowered.

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Limitations of Loyalty Enchantment in Minecraft

There are certain limitations to Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft. A trident enchanted with Loyalty can travel through dimensions. If a player leaves a dimension before the trident returns, the trident will wait for its owner to return. Also, the effect of Loyalty enchantment works only when the thrown trident is in loaded chunks.

Loyalty enchantment only works if a player is throwing it. For example, a trident won’t return if a dispenser drops it. Players should also know that Loyalty is mutually exclusive with Riptide, meaning they cannot be together on the same weapon.

This wraps up our guide to Loyalty enchantment in Minecraft. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments!

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What does Loyalty do in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?


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