Trident is a rare weapon in Minecraft Pocket Edition that is used for both short-range and long-range engagements. It is a drop weapon and it cannot be crafted in the game. In this article, we will share details on how players can get the Trident in Minecraft Pocket Edition whilst briefly talking about the weapon, its drop rate and enhancements.

How to get a Trident in Minecraft PE

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, players can get Trident weapon as a drop item from Drowned enemies. The Trident in Minecraft PE has a low drop rate. It’s around 8.5%, so players may have to farm drowned mobs to get a Trident. 

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With that being said, let us talk a bit more about how to get Trident in MCPE in a more detailed manner. 

  • Find a water body.
  • Head underwater and look for enemies called Drowned.
  • Drowned enemies spawn with Trident in hand. Kill as many of them you can till they drop the Trident. 

Once you get the Trident in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can use it as a sword-type weapon, swing it at your enemies to kill them. It is one of the best weapons in the game. It has a good attack speed and damage. And, with the help of good enhancements, the Trident becomes even deadlier. 

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Players can use the Riptide enhancement to propel themselves with a pair of elytra. Or, they can use the Impaling enhancement to deal more damage to underwater mobs. Whatever is the case, just make sure to try out different enhancements on the Trident to make it more effective and useful.

Minecraft PE is now available on Android, Windows 10, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and Fire OS platforms. While the original game is also available on consoles.

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How to get a Trident in Minecraft: Pocket Edition


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