What Does Internal Injury Mean in MIR4?

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In the exciting MMORPG MIR4, you can complete quests, mine, go to raids, etc. And if you are poorly prepared, you may die. Although sometimes you may just get unlucky and you will be killed by a bad player who is bored. In this guide, we will tell you about the status that you will receive after death.

Internal Injury in MIR4

There are many places in MIR4 where you can die. Death gives you Death Penalty. It will differ depending on the zone where you died. But you will definitely get the Internal Injury status.

Internal Injury reduces your stats temporarily. You also lose experience and items. But it is much more dangerous to die often because Internal Injury can stack up. And then your debuffs will increase.

Internal Injury has only three levels. The highest level is CRIT injury, followed by Major Injury and the first level is Minor Injury.

There are many situations when you may want to kill another player. For example, someone attacked you first or just was annoying you for many hours. Then you will get Red status and your PK mode will change. Then some gamers may want to kill you because of your status. And then Internal Injury can reach the level of CRIT injury. At this level, you will not be able to mine Darksteel until you reduce or get rid of Internal Injury. By the way, you only need to collect 20 stacks for CRIT injury.

So take care of yourself and actively raise your Power Score. You can check out our guide on how to do this effectively.

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What Does Internal Injury Mean in MIR4?


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