MIR4 Draco Cryptocurrency Guide: Everything You Need to Know


MIR4 is a fantasy action RPG with a twist—it has its own cryptocurrency that you can earn by playing the game! Today, we’re here to talk about DRACO, MIR4’s cryptocurrency, in our MIR4 guide on everything you need to know about DRACO cryptocurrency!

What is DRACO?

DRACO is MIR4‘s own unique cryptocurrency. In short, it allows players to transform in-game resources into a fully functioning cryptocurrency that can be traded and sold, just like any other cryptocurrency.

To be more specific, DRACO is created through smelting a precious in-game resource called Darksteel. Darksteel is acquired through completing the main story quests in MIR4 and through mining the various nodes you find in certain zones. Yes, you can literally mine for cryptocurrency in this game!

Important Note: It is currently NOT possible to earn DRACO in the Steam version of MIR4 due to marketplace rules. You must be playing either the mobile or standalone PC version of MIR4 to earn DRACO.

How do you get DRACO?

Before you get started with DRACO, you’ll need to take care of a few things first.

  1. You must link a verified WEMIX account to your MIR4 account. You can sign up for a WEMIX Wallet on the WEMIX website.
  2. You must have at least one character that has reached level 40.
  3. A substantial amount of Darksteel is required to get a good return on DRACO. Keep in mind that Darksteel is crucial to character progression, so if you smelt too much, you might not be strong enough to advance in the game. Refer to your in-game map on the best spots to mine for Darksteel.

Once you hit level 40, the DRACO option under the Market tab unlocks, and you can access the DRACO Smeltery.

The Smeltery screen will show you how to smelt Darksteel into DRACO and what the current conversion rate is. Speaking of which, the exchange rate is based on “DERBY,” or daily exchange rate by yield. It’s calculated based on a fixed rate plus the yield, which is equal to the amount of Darksteel mined up to the day before the exchange. The DERBY is constantly changing, so we recommend heading over to the MIR4 DRACO website for the current exchange rate if you’re not already in the game.

Conversely, DRACO may be smelted back into Darksteel. The exchange rate for this conversion is also based on the DERBY, so check the rates before committing to an exchange.

Each character in your account can smelt up to 100 DRACO per day, and there is a smelting fee of 1,000 Darksteel per DRACO. Keep these numbers in mind when you plan to smelt your Darksteel. Once you’re finished smelting your Darksteel or DRACO, you can find your corresponding currency waiting for you in your in-game mail.

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To summarize, players can mine a precious resource in MIR4 called Darksteel, which can be smelted into a special currency called DRACO. DRACO can then either be exchanged back into Darksteel or it can be transferred into a WEMIX Wallet, which allows you to use it like a cryptocurrency.

That concludes our guide on MIR4’s DRACO cryptocurrency. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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MIR4 Draco Cryptocurrency Guide: Everything You Need to Know


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