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How to Increase Power Score in MIR4

How to Increase Power Score in MIR4
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MIR4 is an MMORPG game with a lot of different numbers. There is money, character stats, levels, etc. But the most important is the Power Score, which grows from all the actions of the player. And in this guide, we will tell you what you need to do this.

What is This Score for?

It displays your overall power and is also a measure of your level. Only from a certain Power Score can you take part in raids or get into special locations.

How to Increase Power Score

By increasing the level of your weapons or equipment, you will increase your Power Score. For example, you can Enhance your rings, clothes, or weapons. And with each level of Enhance, your Power Score will grow. In addition, you can give your equipment additional stats that will buff you. Use the Enchant function in the crafting menu to give your equipment a new ability. For example, reducing damage from bridges, boosting attack power against bosses, or increasing mining speed.

You can simply craft new equipment and wear it to increase the Power Score. But keep in mind that just crafted equipment may be rarer but inferior to upgraded old equipment. In this case, your Power Score will decrease.

Magic Stones also affect the Power Score, so you can farm them to make more rare and powerful stones.

Ghosts also increase the Power Score. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your Constitution and Inner Force. Use the described tips and then your Power will grow.

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How to Increase Power Score in MIR4


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