MIR4 is a new mobile MMORPG game where you are able to put a lot of different equipment on your character. One of the most important things connected with all these weapons, armors, and trinkets is their upgrades. Currently, there are a couple of ways you can improve your items. One of these is called enhancement and the other is enchanting. Today we are going to talk about the second one. This guide will tell you how to enchant items in MIR4.

How to Enchant Items in MIR4

Enchanting in MIR4 is a very reliable way to improve your equipment. Unlike enhancement, it can’t fail and destroy your equipment. But it provides your items with some minor attributes that will be applied randomly. So, even though it is a stable way of improvement, it is not as effective as enhancing.

In order to enchant an item, you just need to click on it in your inventory. There you will see the tab of this item and there will be the Enchant button. By tapping on this you will open the Enchant menu. To enchant an item you will need to spend two resources called Identification Scrolls and Darksteel.

When you will start the enchant process you will see a big menu with lots of bonuses written there. After you press the enchant button a couple of bonuses will be chosen randomly. Their values will be random as well. If you don’t like the bonuses you obtained you can press the Enchant Again button to apply the new ones. The number of bonuses you are able to apply is based on your item’s rarity. Also, it determines the enchanting cost. The rarest the item the more resources you will need to enchant it.

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MIR4 Enchanting Guide | How to Enchant Items?


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