How to Get Darksteel and Draco in MIR4


MIR4 is a new South Korean cross-platform MMORPG. Like many mobile RPGs, MIR4 features a lot of different currencies that you’ll need to progress through the game. Today, we’ll be talking about two of them in particular: Darksteel and Draco, with the latter being very interesting because it’s handled like a real-life cryptocurrency. We’ll show you how to get Darksteel and Draco in MIR4!

How to Get Darksteel in MIR4

Darksteel is a premium material in MIR4 that’s used primarily for crafting, including enhancing and enchanting. You’ll get some naturally as you progress through the story of MIR4, but you can also purchase some through in-app purchases.

The other method of obtaining Darksteel in-game is through mining. There are several areas where you can mine for Darksteel. Here are the locations:

Bicheon Valley in the Bicheon Area

Snake Valley in the Snake Pit Area

Both locales have four floors to explore, and each floor has a Darksteel mining site. Once you head to the area, consult your map for the exact location. These areas are high-level, so make sure you’re strong enough before you venture into them.

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How to Get Draco in MIR4

Draco is a special currency that unlocks once you reach level 40. Draco is a real-life cryptocurrency that can be treated like other common cryptocurrencies, such as BitCoin. To obtain Draco in MIR4, you’ll need to smelt Darksteel, or you can exchange it for WEMIX credits, another real-life currency used by the developer of MIR4.

You can use this guide to mine more Darksteel. Keep in mind that there is a limit on the amount of Draco you can exchange in one day, and the limit changes occasionally. Also, do note that the Steam version of MIR4 has Draco completely disabled, so if you want to earn it, you’ll need to play on a different platform. For more details, please visit the official MIR4 Draco website.

That concludes our guide on Darksteel and Draco in MIR4. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Get Darksteel and Draco in MIR4


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