MIR 4 is a new mobile MMORPG that has been launched a couple of weeks ago. As most mobile MMORPG games this one has many grindwalls and places where you will need to get a lot of recourses. One of the most important ones is Copper. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time on farming these you can read this article. This guide will tell you where and how to farm Copper and Old Silver in MIR4.

How to Farm Copper in MIR4

Farming Copper in MIR4 is simple enough as it is one of the main game’s currencies. You will get a lot of it during your playthrough, but at some point, you may see that it is getting wasted fast. In case you are not able to get enough of it and are stuck in a grindwall, you can use the next tips to farm Copper more effectively.

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The first tip is Daily Quest. You will be able to obtain a lot of Copper by completing these. Also, you can get a lot of Copper by just killing enemies. There are few locations you can go to farm it more effectively. The first one is Snake Pit. There you will need to farm Stone Husk Turtles as they drop a lot of Copper. Don’t forget to buy and use a buff to improve your drop rate. The second way to farm Copper is more dangerous but more effective, and it is connected with Old Silver.

How to Farm Old Silver in MIR4

Old Silver in MIR4 has only one purpose. You can sell it for 10,000 Copper. It is a huge amount and you may be interested in farming it. You will need to go to the Gold Chamber I on the second floor of Magic Square. There you will find a lot of golden goblins you can farm for Copper and Old Silver. The only problem is that it is a PVP area and you can be attacked by another player. So, be careful and you will be able to get a lot of Copper there.

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How to Farm Copper and Old Silver in MIR4


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