In this beautiful MMORPG you have to fight, farm, and, of course, improve your character. As in any other MMORPG in MIR4, all objects have a rarity. And in this guide, you will learn how to farm Rare Materials.

How to Farm Rare Materials

Well, first, Spirits can be used to increase the drop rate of Rare Materials. Spirits in MIR4 are companions whom you can take on adventures, and as you progress, you can take up to 5 spirits at once. They also differ in Rarity and can be equipped with different treasures to further increase their stats. Spirits give you passive stats, like Drop Chance. Take Soul Messenger Lamper for example with the Uncommon Living Wraith’s Talisman equipped and you have a plus 3% Drop Chance.

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Also, for farming, choose places on the map where Mini-Bosses or Unique Monsters spawn. When killing them, the chance of a good drop is higher.

The next step is Potions. There are many different Potions in MIR4 that increase your stats. Some increase defense, health, attack, some can instantly restore health, and some increase the Drop Chance. Potions can be purchased in major cities from the trader, as well as in the Clan Shop. For example, a Rare Tonic of Greed increases your Drop Chance by 8% for 8 hours. In the Clan Shop, it costs 7500 Clan Coins.

You can also farm Unique Monsters in the Magic Square. You can get there again through the “plus” menu through the Portal icon. You will need one Magic Square Ticket to enter. And do not forget that time is limited, so try to attack only the monster you need.

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How to Farm Rare Materials in MIR4


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