MIR4 is an MMORPG game and like many games of this genre, it has lots of different resources you need to collect to make your character progress. One of the most important ones is Darksteel. You will need to mine it within a special cave, but it is quite a problematic task. There are lots of different bots that get in your way and today we will try to help you. This guide will tell you how to kill a Gnosh Mining Bot in MIR4 and share some information about their purpose in the game.

How to Kill a Gnosh Mining Bot

When you try to get some Darkstell for enchanting in MIR4, you are getting into some trouble with Gnosh Mining Bots. These appear everywhere and don’t let you mine resources for free. Some of them are standing or trying to attack you, but the most annoying ones are those that mine Darksteel. They can do it in different ways starting from mining from a distance and ending with those that hide inside walls. However, there is a way to kill the last ones.

In case you see that someone is mining the ore and don’t let you do it, you can search for the bot nearby. If you can’t find anyone then it may be one of those that hide in the wall. You can use an AOE attack to deal damage to it.

There is information on the Internet that bots are added by the developers themselves. This is a countermeasure against people who run many dummy accounts with low-level characters to mine a lot of Darksteel. So, don’t get upset about bots and try to make your character as strong as possible to improve your chances in the mine.

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How to Kill Ghosh Mining Bots in MIR4


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