How to Increase Mining Speed in MIR4

How to Farm Copper and Old Silver in MIR4

Mir4 is a fascinating Asian MMORPG with the ability to earn cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to mine Dark steel and melt it into Draco cryptocurrency. And now we will tell you how to mine with the greatest efficiency.

How to Increase Mining Speed

All over the world, you will find Dark Steel deposits that can be mined. Here are some tips on how to do it faster.

The first thing you should know is that some buildings will increase the speed of Mining, for example, the Mine. For the completion of each stage, the Dark Steel Gain Boost will increase. In the initial stages, it will be only a 2% boost, but it can be increased up to a maximum of 12%. So try to keep a balance between playing, leveling up, and mining.

The second important point is Spirits and their equipment. They can also increase the speed of mining. For example, Soulseeker Pickaxe increases Mining Boost by 3% or Magical Cape gives a lot of bonuses, one of which is + 5% to Mining Speed. So choose your Spirits wisely.

Also, do not forget to increase your Reputation, because some levels also give a boost to Mining.

Last but not least. It won’t actually increase your Mining Speed, but it will give you more Dark Steel. Play, level up and complete high-level missions, they will reward you with a lot of Dark Steel. You can get from 1200 Dark Steel in the early stages to 4000 Dark Steel in the later stages.

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How to Increase Mining Speed in MIR4


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