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MIR4 AFK Leveling Guide | How to Level Up Fast?

MIR4 AFK Leveling Guide | How to Level Up Fast?
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WeMade has developed a wonderful Asian-style MMORPG with an auto-combat system. You will use it almost always, except in boss battles. And in this guide, we will tell you how to Level Up with the help of this system.

MIR4 AFK Leveling

The first rule of leveling up quickly is to make effective use of all the game’s capabilities to do so. Therefore, in MIR4, you need to use the auto-combat to the maximum. When you’re done playing, instead of just leaving the game, send your character to a suitable farming area and activate automatic combat. This way, while you are resting, your character increases his level, and when you return back to the game, you can defeat more powerful enemies.

An important part of the AFK Level Up is the use of Vigor. This element gives your character a grind buff that increases the effectiveness of your lazy level-up session, for example killing enemies will give you more experience points. Always pop Vigor before going to level up this way.

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Best Spot for AFK Leveling in MIR4

Not every spot is suitable for a grind. First, choose a place where there are no players, or there are few of them, we do not want to share our experience. And secondly, choose a location suitable for your level, and also avoid places with bosses, since auto-combat is not very suitable for such enemies. Since this function does not provide for defense or evasion, only attack.

We hope this guide helped you become a pro player.

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MIR4 AFK Leveling Guide | How to Level Up Fast?


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