Best AFK Farming Spots in MIR4

Best AFK Farming Spots in MIR4

MIR4 is a new mobile MMORPG that has lots of locations where you are able to fight many different monsters. There are a few classes and each of them has variable equipment and skills you need to upgrade to become stronger. Also, you should level up your characters to be able to progress in the game. One of the game’s features that may help you is AFK farming that allows you to put your character on a mob spawning spot and let it farm them. This guide will tell you about good farming spots in MIR4.

MIR4 Best AFK Farming Spots

When you play MIR4 you may be stuck at some point where you need to level up your character and get additional materials to upgrade your skills and equipment. You can find lots of different farming spots with crowds of monsters. There you can put your character on auto-mode and go somewhere else, while your hero will be farming the spot. The only thing you should worry about is PvP availability in the place you have chosen. If PvP is enabled in this location, leaving your character without control may be dangerous.

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At some point, you will unlock lots of locations and you may be interested in finding the most valuable farming spots. Here is the list of good ones:

  • Bicheon Labyrinth 3F – There are lots of rooms with monsters you can fight
  • Crystalline Forest – There is a green spawn point with lots of enemies
  • Demon Bull Temple 1F – There is a round-shaped room where you can farm
  • Bicheon Valley Secret Passage 1-3 – There are lots of rooms where you can find different monsters

These spots are good for farming. The only thing you need to ensure is free space, as you won’t be able to get many resources with lots of other players nearby.

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Best AFK Farming Spots in MIR4


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