What Are Turf Wars in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise

All of Monster Hunter Rise maps are filled with monsters minding their own business, but this doesn’t mean that they are friendly toward one another. While they will do everything they can to defeat you in combat, they can also be made to fight against one another, a situation that you can take advantage of in a lot of different ways.

Here’s everything you need to know about Turf Wars in Monster Hunter Rise

What are Turf Wars in Monster Hunter Rise?

Turf Wars are battles between two monsters that can happen on all maps, as long as the hunter is present. Without the hunter present, the monsters will only stare at each other. Additionally, not all monsters can fight other monsters, as Turf Wars will only start with the right combination of monsters.

During Turf Wars, all monsters involved receive damage, lose stamina and can even get parts broken, making it much easier to defeat the surviving monster, once the was has ended. Additionally, the losing monsters will always become rideable, allowing you to take advantage of Turf Wars to get an additional ally to take on even more monsters.

How to Start Turf Wars

As already mentioned, Turf Wars can only be initiated between certain monsters and only if the hunter is present. As such, you will have to lure monsters around, which you can do by using Endemic Life like Stinkmink and Wallnard.

All Possible Turf Wars

Below, you will find the list of all possible Turf Wars on all maps. The first monster of the pair is always the winner, unless specified.

Flooded Forest

  • Zinogre versus Anjanath
  • Zinogre versus Mizutsune
  • Zinogre versus Rathian (Draw)
  • Zinogre versus Anjanath (Draw)
  • Nargacuga versus Anjanath

Frost Islands

  • Goss Harag versus Tetranadon
  • Tetranadon versus Lagombi
  • Somnacanth versus Aknosom

Lava Caverns

  • Rathalos versus Anjanath
  • Tetranadon versus Volvidon
  • Rathalox versus Tigrex (Draw)

Sandy Plains

  • Anjanath versus Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Rajang versus Rathian
  • Rathian versus Anjanath
  • Diablos versus Anjanath
  • Diablos versus Rathian
  • Diablos versus Barroth
  • Rajang versus Pukei-Pukei
  • Tigrex versus Anjanath
  • Diablos versus Diablos

Shrine Ruins

  • Magnamalo versus Rathalos
  • Tetranadon versus Arzuros
  • Magnamalo versus Aknosom
  • Almudron versus Bishaten
  • Rathalos versus Bishaten
  • Rathalos versus Tobi-Kadachi
  • Rathalos versus Great Wroggi

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What Are Turf Wars in Monster Hunter Rise?


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