Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter series has always been all about exploring different locations and hunting powerful monsters, and with Monster Hunter World, Capcom brought everything to the next level by introducing a huge number of new maps that not only looked great, but were also much bigger than anything we have seen before.

Sadly, in this regard, Monster Hunter Rise feels closer to the older entries in the series than Monster Hunter World, as the maps are smaller and fewer in number, which is not surprising at all, considering how the Nintendo Switch is not as powerful as most gaming PCs and consoles. Still, with great verticality and the new Wirebug mechanics, exploring the maps available in Monster Hunter Rise feels as satisfying as checking every nook and cranny in Monster Hunter World in search of materials, Endemic Life, and monsters.

But exactly how many maps are included in Monster Hunter Rise? Let’s find out.

How Many Maps Are In Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise features five different maps sporting tons of different locations, a few sub-camps, Endemic Life aplenty, and, of course, monsters to hunt. These maps are the Flooded Forest, the Frost Islands, the Lava Caverns, the Sandy Plains and the Shrine Ruins.

  • The Flooded Forest is your typical Monster Hunter forest map, featuring plenty of greenery and a lot of areas that have become submerged. The forest also features ruins that players can scale with the help of the new Wirebug mechanics. If you have played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, you should recognize this map on the spot, as it made its debut in the older entry in the series.
  • The Frost Islands are particularly inhospitable. A barren land covered in snow and ice, the Islands used to be the nest of a huge dragon that many tried to take down, losing their lives in the process. Many dragons lived in the area as well, as you can easily spot their remains quite often while hunting on this map.
  • The Lava Caverns are not as extreme as the Frost Islands, but they are still a very dangerous place. This network of caverns features an extremely hot lava area as well as a much cooler one featuring water that is just perfect for a quick rest before resuming any hunt.
  • Like the Flooded Forest, the Sandy Plains map made its debut in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and it hasn’t changed all that much since the days of the 3DS and Wii U game. This map features a big plain covered in sand that is extremely hot at night yet extremely cold at night, like any true desert region should be. Making matters worse are all the monsters roaming around, which makes it a perfect hunting ground for those hunters that will not stop at anything to achieve their goals.
  • The Shrine Ruins is definitely among the most unique map in Monster Hunter Rise. Once a holy ground where people prayed to their gods, the Shrine has fallen into ruin, and monsters have now moved in the area. With a mysterious atmosphere still permeating the area, you really cannot find a more perfect backdrop for your most epic hunts.

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