What are the Rarest Fall Guys Skins Available? – Answered

Fancy Burger Cajun Fries Lemon Blast Skins fall guys

Fall Guys has made a huge impact since its introduction in 2020 and now, in 2022, console players are able to join in the fun! Players can battle it out for a crown in various games, in Solo, Duo, or 4-person Squads, earning Kudos and Show Bucks to spend on cosmetics. There have been some amazing skins over the past couple of years but which are harder to come by? Find out below in our guide: What are the Rarest Fall Guys Skins Available?- Answered!

Rare Fall Guys Skins

As of July 2022 these are some of the rarest skins you may see players wearing in Fall Guys matches:

Marblellous Skin

This skin is hard to obtain due to the fact players have to get to level 54 Crown Rank to unlock it! This means earning 4,500 Crowns, which can take a long time and some real dedication.

marblellous skin fall guys
The Marblellous skin in Fall Guys (via Mediatonic)

Magic Dragon Skin

This cute dragon skin was only available to players who completed various difficult challenges including the Lil Yeety Competition and gaining first place in Discord Bingo Fiesta.

magic dragon skin fall guys
Magic Dragon skin in Fall Guys (via Mediatonic)

Pirate Skin

This pirate skin was obtained by players in the Jelly Bean Mod role of the Fall Guys Discord server during 2021. It was during the 1-year anniversary of Fall Guys and helpers in the server were also rewarded with the Star Guy skin.

pirate skin fall guys
Pirate skin in Fall Guys (via FallingGunner on YouTube)

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Twitch Rival Skin

This skin was awarded to streamers in October 2021 who played in the Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event. The scarcity of Fall Guys streamers makes this a pretty rare skin to see in the lobby.

Twitch Rival skin in Fall Guys (via Mediatonic)

Fancy Burger/Cajun Fries/Lemon Blast Skins

These three fast-food themed skins were all given away in various Fall Guys Discord servers. Lemon blast was the least chosen out of all three so is the most rare out of all of them, and Fancy Burger was the most popular.

Fancy Burger Cajun Fries Lemon Blast Skins fall guys
Fancy Burger, Lemon Blast, and Cajun Fries skins in Fall Guys (via Mediatonic)

Crash Tester

An exclusive skin given out to players who tested the game while it was in closed beta stages of development. Anyone who joined the closed beta would receive this skin, but it is still pretty rare as the number of players was low.

crash tester fall guys skin
Crash Tester skin in Fall Guys (via Mediatonic)

Gordon Headcrab Skin

This is a PC-exclusive skin as it was offered only to those who pre-ordered Fall Guys on Steam in 2020. It is based on the main character in the video game Half-Life, Gordon Freeman.

Gordon Headcrab skin in Fall Guys (via Mediatonic)

Those are the rarest skins available to see in Fall Guys right now. If you need help winning Crowns in Fall Guys check out our guides on diving or running faster right now!

Let us know in the comments below if you have one of these exclusive and rare skins! Check out each lobby you enter when playing Fall Guys and see if you can spot one of these amazing skins. Good luck.

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What are the Rarest Fall Guys Skins Available? – Answered


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