How to Run Faster in Fall Guys: Running Strategy Guide


In Fall Guys, it’s a race to the finish as you run, stumble, and jump your way through perilous obstacle courses. You’ll need to finish fast enough if you want to avoid getting disqualified, and that requires you to be running at maximum speed! Today, we’ll show you how to be a speedster with our how to run faster in Fall Guys: running strategy guide!

How to Run Faster and Gain Speed in Fall Guys

There’s one important thing you need to understand before we start with our guide, which is that all players in Fall Guys have the same running speed. This means that, should all players start moving forward at the same time, they’ll all reach the same destination at the same time.

Of course, there are some nuances to running in Fall Guys that we’ll teach you about. For starters, make sure that you’re not grabbing too much. You can make your bean hold their arms out by holding down your shoulder buttons, but your top speed is reduced when your arms are out.

Make sure to only grab things when they’re ready to grab, and don’t hold your arms out for too long. This is especially essential during mini-games like Tail Grab, as you’ll never catch up to your target if you’re running with your arms out the entire time.

Secondly, make sure to control your jumps. Jumping on a straightaway doesn’t give you any more speed, nor does it slow you down, but uncontrolled jumping might send you into another obstacle.

Jumping is a different story on slopes and slants. Jumping up inclines can sometimes help you get up faster, but you do lose some speed. On the flip side, jumping downhill get you lots of speed, so do it when you have the room to pull it off safely.

Of course, you can also take advantage of course gimmicks to boost you along the way. Some courses have speed rings that grant temporary speed boosts when you travel through them, and conveyor belts that speed you along.

Always try to take advantage of the speed boost gimmicks if they’re available.

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Running fast in Fall Guys is all about control and precision. There aren’t really any special tricks to it—just keep moving forward, don’t jump or dive wildly, and make sure not to reach out with your arms.

With that said, you’ve probably experienced moments where you feel like you’re not as fast as the beans next to you. There are a couple of factors that can explain this, and the number one culprit is usually latency.

Fall Guys is generally a laggy game, and you’ll often see beans moving around in unnatural ways. Often times you’ll see another bean kind of “stuttering” forward, and this is typically because they’re lagging, not because they’re actually moving that fast.

Sometimes, your low speed also may be a symptom of a controller issue. If you feel like you’re not running at top speed when you’re using a controller, your control sticks might be experiencing issues. If you’re on PC, you can visit Gamepad Tester to diagnose any potential problems.

Aside from that, that’s about it when it comes to running faster in Fall Guys. Just run straight, jump with purpose, and you should hit top speed in no time. Got any other helpful tricks for running faster? Let us know in the comments below!

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How to Run Faster in Fall Guys: Running Strategy Guide


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