Mother Tokens are one of the six Entrati Family tokens that players can use in Warframe to gain Entrati Standing and a few items. 

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In this Warframe guide, we will talk about how players can obtain the Mother Tokens. We will also share details on Mother Tokens use, Entrati Family ranks, and how to achieve them. 

How to Get Mother Tokens

In Warframe, players can earn Mother Tokens by completing bounties given out by Mother— the leader of the Entrati Family. 

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Alternatively, players can also obtain Mother Tokens while exploring the Cambion Drift area. Or by trading random assortments of Cambion Drift resources under the Mend the Family option with Grandmother.

Uses of Mother Tokens in Warframe

There are a few different uses of Mother Tokens in Warframe. Players can trade them with the Grandmother of the Entrati Family to obtain Entrati Standings or the Grandmother Tokens. 

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Previously, when the Nights of Naberus event was still live, players used Mother Tokens to obtain event-exclusive items. 

The Entrati Family Ranks and How to Achieve Them

Here is a quick look at the different ranks that players can attain in the Entrati family. 


The Neutral is the starter rank that you get whenever you work for a syndicate. It gives access to the base wares.


  • Standing X 5000
  • Spinal Core Section X 3


  • Standing X 22,000
  • Daughter Token
  • Father Token
  • Keratinos Gautlet Blueprint
  • Keratinos Blade Blueprint


  • Standing X 44,000
  • Common Avichaea Tag X 5
  • Medjay Predasite Tag
  • Mother Token
  • Son Token


  • Standing X 70,000
  • Zarim Mutagen
  • Arioli Mutagen
  • Father Token
  • Son Token


  • Standing X 99000
  • Seriglass Shard
  • Mother Token
  • Father Token

The higher your rank, the more benefits you can get from the Entrati family, meaning more Entrati Standings.

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