Welcome to Warframe, an action/RPG and shooting game, where you can try the role of the Tenno, an alien race of long-forgotten warriors, who have roused from centuries in cold storage in Earth’s distant future to participate in the war in the planetary system with various coalitions.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about Protea the chrono-gadgeteer, the frame that may be a great asset for you in Warframe. Note that to gain Protea, during the game you should get the various separate pieces of this frame.

How Do I Get Protea parts?

Firstly, you have to go through the storyline of the Deadlock Protocol and successfully get through it. That’s how you receive the major blueprint for your future Protea. 

To that time you require to have reached Mastery Rank 4 and obviously have achieved the Vox Solaris task from Fortuna. After that, you can proceed with the searching of her other parts, which you’re going to find in the Granum Void at Rotation C. Note that you need three types of Granum Crown to enter different kinds of Granum Void. And once you’ve got there, you should do at least 75 kills.

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Neuro pieces of Protea you may find at the basic Granum Void, Classic ones — at Extended Granum Void, and the System ones you will get at Nightmare Granum Void. To get a chance of receiving this stuff you should have gone nine – ten times for each component. 

What Components Do I Need for Protea Framework?

Once you’ve got all the details for crafting Protea, you have to get other components to eventually have her done.

The list with the stuff is down below. 

Protea NeuropticsProtea ChassisProtea SystemsProtea Blueprint
Fifteen thousand CreditsFifteen thousand CreditsFifteen thousand CreditsTwenty-five thousand Credits
Eleven thousand and five hundred SalvageTwenty thousand Alloy Plate
Thirteen thousand and four hundred Ferrite
One Protea Neuroptics
Five thousand one hundred and fifty Polymer BundleTwo thousand seven hundred and fifty CarbidesOne thousand CryoticOne Protea Chassis
One thousand two hundred and fifty Cubic DiodesFive hundred and fifty OxiumThree thousand and five hundred CopernicsOne Protea Systems
Five Neural SensorsTwelve MorphicsTen Control ModuleThree Orokin Cell

We hope that our article was helpful. Take care and play & have fun!

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