The Yareli is one of the recently introduced Warframes who was first revealed during the 154th Warframe Devstream. Her signature weapon is called Kompressa, a bubble gun sidearm that shoots a sticky and explosive viral bubbles. Yareli is a Warframe that posses the highest energy pool when compared to all warframes.

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Her subsumed abiliity Aquablades summons blades made of water that rotates around Yareli, dealing continuous damage to the enemies in contact. Yareli is one of the great warframe, both in terms of aesthetics and use. In this guide, we will show you how exactly you can get Yareli in Warframe.

How to Get Yareli

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To get the Yareli Warframe, players have to acquire the main blueprint, along with another component (Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems) blueprints. Once players have all the blueprints and the respective materials required to manufacture the Yareli Warframe, players can go to the Foundry and build themselves the Yareli Warframe.

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Players can get Yareli’s main blueprint by completing the optional solo-quest called The Waverider. To get the said quest, players first have to complete the Vox Solaris quest.

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If you don’t want to waste your time doing the solo quest then you also have the option to buy Yareli’s main blueprints from the Cephalon Simaris for 50,000 standings.

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Assuming, you have completed all the quests and got the main part of Yareli Warframe. Now it’s time to look for the three components required to complete the set.

The Yareli Warframe components such as the Chassis, Neuroptics, or the Systems can be obtained through research inside the VentKid’s Bash Lab found within the Clan Dojo.

Warframe is a sci-fi multiplayer shooter game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/X, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch platforms.

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