Warframe hosts many in-game events and one of them is the Ghoul Purge Event. These events are similar to the State of Survival game and reoccur every few weeks or so.

The Ghoul Purge Event in Warframe transpires on the Plains of Eidolon and has several special bounty missions. Taking part in the event and completing missions rewards players with in-game items. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Ghoul Purge Event in Warframe.

A Guide to the Ghoul Purge Event in Warframe

As the name suggests, this event revolves around the Ghouls. The Ghouls are ugly-looking monstrosities that will attack players with their deadly weapons on sight.

During the Ghoul Purge event in Warframe, the area will be packed with enormous amounts of Ghouls, and players will have to exterminate every single one of them.

As soon as the event commences, Konzu will give players an additional two Ghoul-themed bounties within his bounty boards. Completing these bounties will aid in the overall extermination of the Ghoul population. 

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The bounties given by Konzu are not new or unique and are comparable to the basic ones that can be practiced on the bounty board in Cetus. However, Konzu bounties will be more heavily focused on the Ghouls themselves than usual.

The Ghoul Purge Event will have stronger and ferocious Ghouls compared to the “normal” Grineer units that appear on Earth. Defeating and successfully completing the Ghoul Event in Warframe will present you with generous rewards.

There are six Hunter mods that are only available from Ghoul bounties, Ghoul enemies, or from the Hemocyte, which is exclusively available during the Plague Star event.

Here are all the rewards that will be up for grabs from Ghoul Purge bounties:

  • The Stubba primary weapon (tier 1 bounty)
  • The Quartakk primary weapon (tier 2 bounty)
  • Nitain Extract (tier 1 and 2 bounties)
  • Encrypted Journal Fragment (tier 1 and 2 bounties)
  • Hunter Adrenaline (tier 1 bounty)
  • Hunter Command (tier 2 bounty)
  • Hunter Munitions (tier 1 bounty)
  • Hunter Recovery (tier 2 bounty)
  • Hunter Synergy (tier 2 bounty)
  • Hunter Track (tier 1 bounty)

That’s all, folks. See you in the Plains of Eidolon.

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Warframe – Ghoul Purge Event Guide


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