Warframe has plenty of useful mods you can put into your frames, weapons, and other equipment. One of the most useful ones is aura mods. These provide your Warframe with additional slots for mods instead of wasting them. But the most important thing is that they give bonuses to the entire squad. Some of these aura mods are easy to get while some of them are not. Today we are going to help you with getting one of these. This guide will tell you how to obtain Brief Respite mod in Warframe.

How to Get Brief Respite in Warframe

Brief Respite in Warframe is an aura mod that provides your squad with quite a great bonus. It converts all the energy you spend on your abilities to your shields what makes your party more sustainable. However, getting such an aura won’t be an easy task.

There is only one way to get Brief Respite in Warframe. The mod drops from Orphid Specter with a 38,6% chance. However, this specter is not an easy enemy to find. It can be met only in the Grineer Forest mission and you will need to do some specific activity to summon the enemy you need.

The first thing you will need to do is to complete The Silver Grove quest. After that, you will be able to interact with the Grove’s Shrine in Grineer Forest. You can use one of three Apothics to summon a specter mini-boss that may drop you a couple of unique mods. The type of specter summoned by the shrine depends on the Apothic you use. There are three of them in total and the one you need is called Twilight Apothic. You will need to use different plants and flowers you can find on Earth, Mars, and Lua to craft it. Then you will be able to summon Orphid Specter and fight it. You may need a couple of these Apothics as the chance of drop for Brief Respite is far from 100%.

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Warframe – How to Get Brief Respite


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