The Infected Horde Event in the State of Survival game is a special alliance event and can be unlocked every two weeks. In order to begin the Infected Horde Event in State of Survival, an Alliance Leader or R4 officers will be needed.

This event will test the strength and endurance of the alliance and can be started by calling the alarm. Players will get a mail when the event commences and a report after every horde. Here is everything you need to know about the Infected Horde Event in State of Survival.

State of Survival: A Guide to Infected Horde Event

The Infected Horde Event is about 40 minutes long and there will be 20 waves that players will need to go through. The entire alliance township will be surrounded by the infected horde and when the timer starts continuous waves of increasing difficulty infected will be spawned.

You will need to defend the alliance HQ and alliance settlement from these infected and send reinforcements to the partners or when necessary. With every wave, the difficulty will be notched up a bit and a higher level of infected ones will attack you.

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However, the infected people will spawn in a longer time each next wave which will give you ample time to heal the wounded and plan for the subsequent wave. Also do keep in mind that your participation in the event won’t depend on whether you’re online or offline. You will be a part of the Infected Horde Event when it starts.

The event will come to an end if your defending army can’t fight the intruders or you kill more than half of the intruders. You will lose the event if you can’t kill more than half of the attackers. Both you and your alliance are rewarded when the event finishes.

You will get ranked and the alliance receives a score as a team. Individual rewards depend on the ranking and score you have reached. Rewards are issued 12 hours after the event ends.

That’s all there is. Now, go out there and defend your alliance.

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