State versus State in State of Survival is a big event where you can witness a fight between two different states. If you want to participate in this activity you need to do some preparations. You should be ready to perform different strategies and one of the most important parts is your talents.

There is a big talent tree in State of Survival and choosing the best talents may be quite a confusing task. They should fit with your strategy and improve your performance. However, there are few tips you can use to maximize the profit you get from talents. This guide will tell you the best way to choose talents for SVS in State Survival.

Best Way to Spend Talents for SVS

The State vs State event in State of Survival is a complicated event. You will need to come up with a good strategy to succeed there. So, your talents should be based on your current playstyle and personal preferences. We can recommend you to go with defense and attack upgrades for your infantry and hunters, but you can always choose your own strategy. However, there is a hint you need to know about.

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When you reach the end of the war talents branch, you will see a talent named Training Speed. It increases the speed of training for your troops. After this talent, you will see the last group of upgrades for your infantry, riders, and hunters. The last talents provide you with the strongest buffs, but they may be not worthy enough to spend 20 points in Training Speed talent as during SVS you want to do anything but training troops. So, it may be better to spend the last talent points on something else.

The other tip is about the talents with the same effect. If you reached the end of the talent branch and want to spend some points on talents from the alternative branch, you should pick the ones that are near the end as they provide you with a better bonus for the same price.

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