State of Survival is a mobile strategy game that has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of players around the world. The game combines simple RTS mechanics with a fun RPG component. Developers from KingsGroup Holdings managed to step beyond the banal approach to mobile strategy and provide players with fresh gameplay solutions. In addition to the usual auto-battles with monsters and other survivors, exciting battles await you, the course of which only you control. It was the combination of classic strategy and addictive RPG gameplay that clearly distinguished State of Survival from a number of dozens of similar projects.

As in any other strategy, your survival in the world of State of Survival begins with base development, training of troops, research, and resource farm. And if you want to build up production and military power at a rapid pace, then you will need large amounts of resources.

Every aspect of State of Survival’s gameplay has been covered numerous times in guides. However, we were surprised to find that we have not yet told you about some cool and effective ways to quickly farm resources. Now is the time to fix it!

Here are 5 simple tips for farming in State of Survival.

Send Several Small Squads to Collect Resources

In the State of Survival guides, we have repeatedly mentioned that the best way to get resources is to collect them from neutral resource points on the map. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the game, your farming options are limited. You can only send one squad on the march. As the Headquarters develops, you will be able to send several squads under the command of the Heroes.

We do not recommend collecting a huge army in one campaign. It is better to split your army into two, and when possible, into more parts, and send them for resources together.

A simple example: if you have 1000 soldiers who are able to bring 1,000,000 units of cargo, split the squad into two groups of 500 people each, and deliver the same amount of resources to the base, spending several times less time.

This trick is especially useful when you need to get a certain amount of a resource. For example, for important research or upgrading the buildings. Split into several squads, the collectors will return much faster, which means you will improve the base much earlier. You don’t have to wait for a thousand-strong army to come back home.

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Look For Resource-Rich Lands

If you zoom the camera as far as possible while scanning the Wild Lands, you will find that your base is quite far from the center of the map. You will notice this especially if you started playing State of Survival recently. Of course, this is not accidental.

It is safer to be on the side of the map. Monsters are weaker here and players are calmer. However, there are significantly fewer resources! Closer to the center of the map, the situation changes drastically. There you can find angry and hungry zombies, powerful alliances fighting for resources, and, of course, new resource points. There are more of them, they are more voluminous and you can collect them faster than the usual ones.

When you feel that progress requires even more investment and the enemies around you are a significant threat, it’s time to think about moving closer to the center of the map.

Send Troops on the March Daily

Even small progress in State of Survival is impossible if you do not spend 5-10 seconds a day sending squads on a campaign for resources. Enormous help in developing your base is available in just three clicks every day!

Use Macros to Automate Some Tasks

While we urge you to send troops on marches for resources on a daily basis, we understand that this is not the most exciting thing to do. Especially if you have several bases at your disposal that require attention and periodic monitoring.

Fortunately, if you use special macros, you can partially or completely automate the process of collecting resources on the map using these macros. You just need to record the sequence of actions once to start new mining cycles with just one click!

Get Some Military Power and Attack Other Players

This is a radical way of extracting resources, which must be approached very carefully. Having accumulated sufficient military power, you can send a raid to another player’s shelter on your own, or call on members of your union to help you. Having defeated someone else’s base, you will receive resources much faster than when mining from a resource point.

However, it should be borne in mind that the victim of your attack may ask his or her union for help. And if you are not confident in your abilities and there are no strong allies behind you, there is a great risk of being erased from the State of Survival world map. After that, you will most likely have to create a new account and start over.

If you are just getting started in State of Survival, don’t even think about attacking other players! Knowing in advance what force can strike back is almost impossible.

The long-abandoned bases are an exception to the rule. They can be robbed on a regular basis without fear of consequences.


Resource farming in State of Survival is a continuous things, which should be approached correctly and done every day. To always have enough resources, it is necessary to send troops on campaigns every day, rob abandoned bases, accumulate military power, and confidently move to the center of the Wild Lands. This will ensure the correct and harmonious development of your base.

If your goal is to develop as quickly as possible, then the functions of multi-window and macros will come in handy. Currently, this is not considered cheating, so you can try some side programs. You won’t overcome the best players without this. Take care, play the game correctly, and have fun defeating your opponents!

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