State of Survival, like most strategy games on iOS and Android, is mostly focused on the multiplayer features and mechanics, allowing players to fight against other human players for rewards and glory. Unlike most of these games, however, State of Survival also comes with a single-player campaign featuring a rather interesting story that develops the game’s world quite nicely.

Even if you’re not into the story all that much, you may still want to play the Explorer Trailer single player mode, especially if you’re just starting out the game, as it is a great way to familiarize with its mechanics and earn some precious resources that will get you started on the development of your base.

To succeed at the Explorer Trail mode, however, your game will have to be on point. The first few stages are quite easy, but soon enough, you are going to have quite a bit of trouble if you are not prepared.


As already mentioned, Explorer Trail is the State of Survival single-player mode which can be played at any time right from the very beginning of the game. This mode consists in a series of different challenges that will pit you against different configurations of infected. At the end of each challenge, you will receive certain rewards, and repeating completed challenges will allow you to farm resources. It is quite time consuming, but everything counts, especially at the beginning of the game when resources are scarce and you do not have anything that improves resource gathering, like specific skills and improved buildings.


Heroes’ management is extremely important to conquer the Explorer Trail, but also somewhat complicated, considering how much effort needs to be put to unlock them. Generally, it’s a good idea to stick to Heroes of a different type between Hunter, Rider and Infantry, as they have very different uses. To make an example, most Hunters are quite good in a fight, but they are not as effective at area of effect attacks, so if they have to deal with multiple weaker enemies, they will end up having more than a few trouble. Also, make sure to always level up and rank up the Heroes you use most frequently, as it makes a huge difference, especially in terms of available skills, and not just stats. As Heroes’ level cap is determined by the Hero Precinct level, you should also focus on leveling up this building above all the others.

Know your Enemy

Knowing which enemy type you are going to face is extremely important in Explorer Trail, as it will let you put together the right time to conquer the challenge ahead. To do so, you just need to tap on the enemy’s card on the left side of the screen in the Trail Challenge screen. This lets you check out all the enemies you are going to face in this particular challenge, letting you prepare properly ahead of time, or even give up on the challenge altogether if you feel like your current Heroes have little chances of making it out alive from this encounter.

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