All Working State of Survival Codes

State of Survival Redeem codes

Who doesn’t like freebies in online multiplayer titles, especially in games like the State of Survival?

Spending bucks on video games is not a feasible option for every player. Thus, they go for alternative ways through which they can acquire complimentary in-game items.

In such cases, the Redeem Code is the most suitable option to get a bunch of rewards in the State of Survival. Getting the State of Survival redeem codes can be a little tricky as they expire quickly and turn out to be non-operative after a certain limit.

That’s why we have listed some State of Survival codes here that are working perfectly at the moment.

State of Survival Redeem Codes

List of all State of Survival Code Redeem Codes
State of Survival Code Redeem Codes

Active Codes

  • springfestivaltiger
  • HINOMARU0127
  • lunarnewyear2022s
  • mendy0125
  • 20ShouGatu
  • japancoastguard118
  • kujira1209 
  • Snowfalling 
  • sos1234—Redeem for rewards (New Players Only.)
  • kuchentvsos—Redeem for rewards (New Players Only.)


  • Halloween
  • Edinstvo2021
  • SOS100Mdownloads
  • Hangulnal
  • Countdown – Redeem code for Biocap x300, and 5m Speedup x10
  • Samsung – Redeem code for 1K Biocaps x2, Epic Search Map x2, Rusty (Fragment) x10, 100 Chief EXP, and Fire Fury HQ Skin (1 Day)
  • sos1234 – Redeem code for Biocap x500, Epic Search Map x1, Rusty (Fragment) x5, 1k Gas x 100, 1K Metal x100, 1K Food x300, and 1k Wood x 300
  • HAEMATOM – Redeem code for 1K Biocaps x2, Epic Hero Fragment x10, 200 Chief EXP x100, Rusty (Fragment) x10, 1K Metal x300, 1K Food x300, and 1k Wood x 300, and Fire Fury HQ Skin (1 Day) (only for new players)

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If you don’t know how to use these codes, Touch Tap Play has done the work for you.

How to redeem codes in State of Survival?

Steps to redeem State of Survival codes
  1. From the main lobby, go to your Profile located at the left of the screen.
  2. Navigate to the Settings by scrolling down to the bottom.
  3. In the settings, navigate to the Gift Redemption section.
  4. Copy any of the above code and paste it into the game.
  5. Hit the Redeem button and go to your in-game MailBox to collect the reward.

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All Working State of Survival Codes


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