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How To Increase Battle Power Quickly in State of Survival

How To Increase Battle Power Quickly in State of Survival
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State of Survival is considered as one of the best RTS games ever released on iOS and Android devices, and for very good reason. While the game does provide plenty of entertainment for those who love single-player experiences, it’s in the multiplayer modes that State of Survival truly shines. Joining an alliance and fighting against other players is what makes State of Survival feel like the great game it is.

To make the multiplayer experience smoother, the developer team added a specific value, called Battle Power, to streamline a lot of the multiplayer mechanics. But what is Battle Power, and how it is increased? Let’s find out.

What is Battle Power?

Battle Power in State of Survival roughly indicates the current power level of the player. While this number doesn’t take a lot of things into account, it’s a good approximation that can be used to evaluate quickly the power of different players.

Usually, Battle Power is used to establish high level alliances, preventing players with a lower Battle Power from joining, or to plan assaults against other players. High Battle Power players usually target those with a lower one, so you should increase yours as quickly as possible to avoid becoming the target of frequent raids.

How to Increase Battle Power Quickly

Battle Power in State of Survival increases depending on the buildings in your settlement and their level, your troops, your technology, your chief level and your heroes. By playing the game normally, and going through the Explorer Trail, you should achieve a decent Battle Power.

If you want to increase your Battle Power as quickly as possible, however, you will have to invest time and resources. Upgrading troops is a great way to increase Battle Power quickly while getting a solid increase in power that will help you in confrontations against AI-controlled enemies and other players.

Powering up heroes is also an excellent way to increase Battle Power while getting some tanginble improvements. This does require some planning, as resources are limited, so you’d better decide which heroes you want to focus on before starting to improve the ability of any of them.

As already mentioned, technology influences your Battle Power. The Battle Tree seems to increase Battle Power the most, but you should try to develop all trees as needed since they come with some very interesting bonuses that can make your life easier in the game.

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How To Increase Battle Power Quickly in State of Survival


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