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State of Survival Alliance Guide

State of Survival Alliance Guide

The more, the merrier is what they say, but having more fun isn’t the only reason you should seek to join an Alliance in State of Survival. Being in an Alliance doesn’t just mean that you will be able to survive longer, take part in special events and receive help when you become other players’ target, and so on. You will be able to receive some additional bonuses that will make the game way more enjoyable, such as the ability to speed up build times and more.

As being in an Alliance is so important, you really need to know everything there is to know about them. Even more if you’re thinking about starting one yourself: not all players need to be followers, after all, but have you got what it takes to run one and make it successful?


No matter if you are the leader of a State of Survival Alliance or if you join an active one, you will reap the same benefits, some more evident, some more subtle, but none less useful. As a general rule, joining an already established Alliance is the way to go for most players: you will have to contribute to gain any real advantage in the game, sure, but you won’t have to deal with the hassle of building your Headquarters and expand your territory, which is definitely fun, but not a task for those who are looking to have just some casual fun.

Join an Alliance

When looking to join an already established Alliance, you should look into joining one that is active and that has a decent number of members. While it can be difficult to become one of the most most important members of these Alliances, the fact that you belong to one of them will deter other players from attacking you, as the risk of having to deal with such a powerful Alliance outweighs the benefits considerably.

Don’t Suit Yourself

Finding the right Alliance for you to join is no easy feat, as you may have trouble fitting in, or you simply do not like how things are run. As such, you should never stick to the first Alliance you join, if you feel like things are not going well: find one you fit in well, with members who are helpful, active and contribute to the Alliance to the benefit of all.

Alliance Tech

No matter what, being able to take advantage of Alliance Tech is the reason why you should join an Alliance in State of Survival. Alliance Tech includes tons of extremely useful bonuses that all members of the Alliance can take advantage of. The downside is that tech is unlocked progressively depending on donations from its members, so if an Alliance is not all that active, you will not be able to reap research benefits easily. Among the bonuses available through Alliance Tech are an increased number of total Alliance members, reduced time for building, increased Hospital capacity, and so on.

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State of Survival Alliance Guide


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