The State of Survival game has a lot of things to keep players busy and entertained. One of them is the Capital Clash Event. This event happens every bi-weekly and is a state-wide event. During the Capital Clash Event, alliances battle it out to gain control of the Capital.

Before the event starts, players would want to be near the Capital since troops’ marches are slower. Here is everything you need to know about the State of Survival: Capital Clash Event.

A Guide to Capital Clash Event in the State of Survival

Earlier the Capital Clash Event lasted for a day but now has been shortened to just 12 hours. The alliance that holds the Capital for either 6 hours uninterrupted or for the longest amount of time after the 12 hours is declared the winner. As per the official Capital Clash description from the State of Survival:

“The Alliance that occupies the Capital for 6 consecutive hours, or holds the longest occupation time at the end of the event, will claim victory in the Capital Clash. Occupation time and enemy troop kills will earn you points during the event.”

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Another good thing is that controlling the Towers will help in the attack against the Capital. The longer the Tower has been held, the faster the frequency of attacks. After the battle concludes, the winning Alliance Leader has to elect a Governor within two hours. If no Governor is elected, the Alliance Leader will be made Governor by default.

There are a lot many ways you can earn points. First, are the kill points. These can be earned by killing or injuring opposition troops while fighting in the Capital and Tower. The second is the occupation points and can be earned by occupying the Capital or Tower. Lastly, players can even get wounded points by having troops wounded or killed.

The Capital Clash Event in State of Survival has two types of rewards. There are the points rewards that are awarded when players reach certain points. The rewards will grow as your headquarter level increases. The other type is the ranking rewards and is based on your ranking in the event. The better your rank, the grander the reward. 

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