Are you looking for a handy V Rising Servants guide talking about Servant’s Expertise, Types, Perks, and other details? Then you are at the right place. In our guide, we share details on how to unlock and control Servants while talking about the Servants’ Expertise and Blood Quality, the different Types of Servants available in the game, their Perks, and other details. 

How to Unlock and Make Servants in V Rising 

You can unlock Servants in V Rising by crafting a Servant Coffin in your Castle. You can do it when your Castle Heart reaches level 2. We have a detailed guide on how to unlock and control Servants in V Rising. Check it out for more details. 

What is Servants’ Expertise and Blood Quality in V Rising?

Blood Quality is a kind of a rating that allows you to measure the Servants’ value. The higher Blood Quality a person has, the better Perks you will obtain by making them into your Servant. Meanwhile, the Expertise attribute decides which area your Servant is more acquainted with. 

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Sending your Servants in areas from where you took them and made them into your Servant will yield you more loot and resources. The Expertise rating also shows which task the Servant can perform better and in what area they excel. 

Types of Servants in V Rising

Based on Expertise and Blood Type, we have five types of Servants in V Rising.

  • The Worker – Settlement
  • The Warrior – Military
  • The Scholar – Sacred 
  • The Brute – Tenacious 
  • The Rogue – Tracking

Servant Perks in V Rising

The Servants Perks are awarded to a newly made Servant in V Rising depending on their Blood Type, Faction, Blood Quality, and Gear. The Servant Perks give small buffs that raise ATK power, Defense, and other such attributes, while some are general perks that will help you in raiding different areas of the V Rising map for resources. 

V Rising is an action survival MMO game currently available on the PC platform. 

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V Rising Servants Guide: Expertise, Types, Perks, and More


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