Do you want to know how to unlock and control Servants in V Rising? Then look no further! We have prepared a handy guide that explains how you can unlock Servants in V Rising while talking about how you can control and send them on Raids. 

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So, without any further ado, let us check out the complete guide on unlocking and controlling Servants in V Rising. 

How to Unlock Servants in V Rising

You can unlock Servants in V Rising by crafting a Servant Coffin in your Castle. You can do it when your Castle Heart reaches level 2. Under the Dominance option, you will find the Servant Coffin that you make, granted you have the below materials handy:

  • Planks x16
  • Copper Ingots x8
  • Greater Blood Essence x1

Once you have crafted and placed a Servant Coffin in your Castle, you will unlock a new Charm ability called Kiss of the Vampire under Dominating Presence. You will need this ability to control humans to convert them into your Servant. 

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Select the Kiss of Vampire under Dominating Presence and then put the person you want to make into Servant at 30% or below health. Once that is done, press the F key to use Kiss of the Vampire. Lead them to the Coffin to make them your Servant. 

How to Control Servants in V Rising

V Rising

To control Servants and send them on Raids, you must craft a Castle Throne. You can make it by simply following the Caste quests. You will need the following materials to craft a Castle Throne:

  • Stone Brick x24
  • Iron Ingot x16
  • Greater Blood Essence x4

Once the Castle Throne crafting is complete, you can interact with it by pressing the F key on your Keyboard or the respective button on the Steam Deck to open a version of the game’s map that will allow you to send your Servants on Raids to gather resources and other things. 

V Rising is an action survival MMO game currently available on the PC platform. 

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How to Unlock and Control Servants in V Rising


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