Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets Guide: How to Unlock, Best Pets & Everything about Them

Now if you found yourself wondering “what do I do with that egg in my bag?” early on in the game, don’t worry! We’re here to give you a complete Ulala: Idle Adventure pets guide and explain everything that you need to know about them.

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Since this is going to be a complete pet guide, i will explain everything that you need to know, from what pets are and how you acquire more to how to get skills for them and make them more powerful!

So without further ado, let’s start with the very beginning:

Ulala: Idle Adventure – What are pets?

Pets are made available once you reach level 16, and they are going to be your trusting companions which help you battle the enemies and bring some extra muscle to the team.

There are a ton of pets in game, but each of them can come in 5 different rarities: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple) and Legendary (yellow). The Epic pets are extremely common, and you will have one, the T Rex as soon as you start the game (it will unlock at level 16) so you don’t have to worry about finding “the perfect one” just yet.

So your very first pet will be unlocked once you are level 16, by heading on to the Camp -> Storage -> Pet -> Hatch the egg that you have there. This will give you the Epic T Rex, and once you have enough food items to cook other meals, you can obtain more.

Simply deploy your pet by tapping on the “Dispatch” button and you will have the pet of your choice fighting alongside you in battle.

Ulala: Idle Adventure – How to get more pets?

In order to unlock more pets, you will need to head on to the Camp and then check the Capture cage. There you can place your already cooked meals in order to attract various pets.

Different meals attract different pets, so check them out beforehand so you will know if you want to go for a pet in particular to feed them the meal that attracts them. It’s not going to always bring you the specific pets 100% and have them Epic or Legendary, but the better quality feed you have, the more chances of getting higher quality pets too.

If you have all the needed ingredients you can head on to the Cooking station where you can cook the meals that you have the ingredients for. Place these meals in the Capture pen and wait until the pets are captured (they all have different timers) and once it’s done – voila! You will get a couple of random pets!

Another way to get pets is to rely on the season rewards. These can be found in the Camp -> top right corner of the screen -> Season bonus. There, you can head on to the third tab and if you are the first in the ranking when the season ends, you will also receive a Legendary pet for free!

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Enhance your pets!

There are a few ways that you can enhance your pets. Firstly, you will need to activate a few key nodes in the Pet Research tab, because that way you will gain some extra stats constantly from them.

Pet Research

You can find this option in the Pet -> Train -> Pet Research and this will allow you to add to the already existing stats that your pet has. By unlocking new Pet Research nodes, you will boost your pet’s ATK, Symbiosis, Assist, Guardian and unlock slots for your pets to use skills of their own. (more details about this below)

Pet Research will cost 1 Rare Fossil at start, then increase to 2, 3 and so on the more nodes you will unlock. You can obtain Rare Fossils by releasing the pets that you don’t use, by simply tapping on the Release -> select the pet/s -> Release. For white, green and blue pets you will obtain Normal Fossils, which you can fuse into a Rare Fossil (100 Normal Fossils = 1 Rare Fossil).

Make sure you release the pets that you don’t really want to use, but always keep one or two just in case the daily quests require that – otherwise, go wild and get those Rare Fossils!

Pet Skills

Pet Skills will be unlocked at level 30, but you really cannot do much until you have the necessary Pet Research level. Honestly, I haven’t reached it yet myself, but I think it will be around 29 Pet Research. It’s quite a lot! You will need a ton of Rare Fossils.

Once you unlock the Pet Skills you can then collect the necessary fragments to learn that particular skill, by picking them up during your stages (like you would pick gears) or by collecting them from Pet Exploration or Shop.

Each skill has different amounts of fragments needed to learn that particular skill, so check them out in the Pet -> Train -> Pet Skill tab to learn more about what each skill does and how many fragments are needed to unlock them.

Pet Exploration

Pet Exploration is a truly great feature which will help you gather a ton of useful Pet Skills, Rare Fossils and Shells, and all that for free and over time (even while you are offline). It’s one of my favorite features since unlocking it at level 32, and all you really need for it is pets!

You can find it by heading on to the Pet -> Explore (after level ) and you can send your pets to gather various goods for you. There you will see four continents, each having their own loot (some better, some not so appealing). You can dispatch various numbers of teams, depending on how many pets you have discovered in the manual, as follows:

– if you discovered 1 pet, you can dispatch 1 team.

– if you discovered 20 pets, you can dispatch 2 teams.

– if you discovered 35 pets, you can dispatch 3 teams.

– if you discovered 50 pets, you can dispatch 4 teams.

Once you start one of these expeditions, you will have a timer in which your pets will return with the loot, and once they do, the task that was in that continent will be refreshed, a new one appearing in its place. You can choose which one you want to explore next, so simply start sending your pets to gather for you!

I suggest that you always go for the Rare Fossils, and also don’t neglect the pet skills, because usually you will collect more than 1 fragment of that skill, which will make it much easier to learn it.

Pet Attributes

These Pet Attributes will showcase how good a pet can be to boost your stats or to simply deal damage to the enemies. The Attributes are as follows:

ATK: how much ATK your pet has when attacking the enemy

Symbiosis: how much HP bonus you will get when deploying that particular pet

Assist: how much ATK bonus your character will get when deploying that particular pet

Guardian: how much Armor your pet will give to your character when deploying that particular pet.

ATK SPD: how often your pet attacks – the frequency of pet basic attacks.

Whenever you deploy a pet make sure that you check out all of these traits and depending on which class you play, you deploy a pet which will synergize well with the character, because it’s really no use if your pet has high ATK but will give nothing to your character, who is actually the main damage source (not the pet).

Elemental Effectiveness

Depending on which Element your pet has, it will rock a main and a secondary Element. Depending on these, sometimes it will be better to change pets during fights to deal slightly more damage to the bosses.

Fire is weak against Frost but strong against Lightning.

Lightning is weak against Fire but strong against Earth

Earth is weak against Lightning but strong against Frost

Frost is weak against Earth but strong against Fire

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Best Pet in the game

There is no such thing as a single “best pet in the game”, because all of the pets are good for a different role, depending on which attributes they are best trained in. The quality of a pet also matters a lot, so for example if you have a Legendary pet you will definitely use that one, even if the HP it gives you is bad and you are a tank.

It’s all a matter of finding the perfect balance between a decent pet and the character, and switching them out between fights in order to benefit from the various stats they give and Elemental effectiveness against bosses.

Don’t forget to check out our game guide and article with the best class in the game, so that you will know which class and character you want to go for since the very beginning of the game!

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Ulala: Idle Adventure Pets Guide: How to Unlock, Best Pets & Everything about Them

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