Ulala: Idle Adventure Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful and Pass More Stages

In today’s article we are going to tell you all of the Ulala: Idle Adventure tips and cheats that we gathered so far and share with you everything that you need to know in order to improve your character further!

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Since the game’s launch, I’ve played quite a bit and ended up among the top 3% of people on the Global Server, so therefore all the information that I gathered has been tested and tried, so that no matter what issue you have, I will be able to help you out!

Covering everything from pets, riding them and turning them into mounts, passing the stages and upgrading your power and gears, I will tell you all the Ulala tips that you need to know!

So let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Ulala: Idle Adventure tips and tricks right here below!

Create a sought after character!

When you are starting off in the game you can create your very first character! Since most people create a Hunter at first (either because it is right there in the middle and it’s the easiest to select, or because they like it – I really can’t tell!), so I suggest that you select something else that is really searched for by the other players.

That’s important, because the more you will progress, you will be able to join teams easier and even if your power is not super high, the other players will be more forgiving if they need your class on the team.

Let me tell you a little bit about the classes and what are specialized it! These are the classes in the game at the moment:

Shaman & Warlock (the character on the left):

Shaman is the healer, and they provide all types of supportive skills to the team.

Warlock is a DPS class which deals a lot of damage through magic spells.

Druid & Mage (the character in the back, left):

Druid is a healer, who also provides a few survival skills to the team.

Mage is a damage dealer, inflicting magic damage and using ranged spells.

Assassin & Hunter (the character in the very front):

Assassin is a DPS melee class.

Hunter is a ranged DPS class.

Gladiator & Warrior (the character on the right side):

Gladiator is a tank class which uses melee attacks and skills.

Warrior is a tanky melee class.

The most sought after classes are the healers and tanks, as people are usually playing DPS classes (Warlock and Hunter). I suggest that you try out one of these, especially healer if you can, because even if you don’t have the best gears, as long as you have the right healing spells, people will recruit you to their teams.

Join a team and start working together

If you want to quickly advance through the stages of the game, level up and make sure that you are joining a team which is around the same area as you! This will help you clear out the stage with people who are in the same level range, and help the whole team basically advance together.

I suggest doing this, because let’s say for example you are in Chiwawa Gorge 3 (alone or with a party) and there is someone who wants to join you, but they are in Sabada Rainforest 2. This is not a good team member to accept always, because your whole team level will go down to Sabada 2.

So basically whenever a new player joins your team, the whole team will dispatch to clear out the highest level of the lowest team member (if that makes sense lol). So that’s why it’s better to always look for players and teams around your level, unless the higher level teams are very kind and willing to help you out! That can happen too, if you are lucky!

How to join a team: in order to join a team you need to head on to the Combat tab -> Team button on your screen -> Novice Board and tap on the green “Apply” button. Pay close attention to the stage the team is at!

Challenge the boss!

In order to pass a level, you will have the challenge the boss of that stage. This can be done by tapping on the “Challenge” button from the “Combat” tab, and once you have defeated the big boss, it means that you passed the stage!

You can challenge boss after boss, but you will not always be able to defeat them one after another, in which case you should be looking to improve your party, gear up and improve your gears or do one of the many other improvements.

A little tip: if you tried something and failed in the challenge, you can swap your skills a little and try with a new setup!

Equip the best gears

You will pick up various gears while fighting and whenever you have something new and better, you will see a small red icon on the “Character” tab in the bottom side of the screen. There you can tap on your gear and select the new and better stuff!

Always make sure that you have the best equipment on, because it will increase your Power (or BR – battle rating) and your chances of other players recruiting you for their teams.

Always make sure that you have the best equipment on! The gear quality is something like this: white -> green -> blue -> purple -> yellow. At level 20 you can equip the free yellow weapon, so you should hold on to it until then!

Discard your old gears: while farming, you are constantly collecting tons of gears. They will stack up in your inventory, so make sure that you check the Storage and tap on the “Smelt” button -> Smelt to disenchant all your old stuff and get some Gear Shards in return.

Cook up some food!

In the Camp you can head on to the “Cook” station and there you can put in your current ingredients and cook some food which can act either as a buff, or as bait for collecting new pets.

I suggest that you check the stats and see for how long the food effect lasts. For example you can make a food that gives you 15% attack for 1 hour, which can be used to also lure in some possibly good pets! Think about this for a second and try to put in balance whether it is better to use the temporary buff and progress a little, or to use it and try to acquire a new pet.

Equip your best pet

You can hatch eggs and equip pets to aid you in the battle once you are level 16. You can head on to the “Capture” section in the Camp and place a food item to lure various pets in. Depending on the food item, you can capture various pets! Try it out! Just place the food and wait it out!

You can check out your current pets in the Pet tab, and there, if you check under the pets’ animation, you can see three tabs: Pet, Attribute and Skill. From the Skill tab you can see the numbers that pet has, and you should try equipping the one with the highest Symbiosis and Assist.

Symbiosis is basically the HP your pet will give to your character, and the Assist is the ATK bonus your character gains from the pet. You can also take the ATK into consideration, because that is the damage your pet will deal to the enemy.

How to hatch an egg?

If you pre-registered to the game and have an egg, or simply find one in your bag for no apparent reason, you need to know that you will need level 16 in order to first hatch and egg, and then to equip a pet.

So keep in mind: to hatch an egg and equip a pet, you need to level up your character to level 16.

How to mount a pet?

The only way to mount a pet at the moment is to purchase a Pet Card. You can find them in the Camp -> top right corner “Passes” icon -> Pet Card. That can be bought either monthly, which will be available for 30 days, or Seasonal, which will be available for 90 days.

Is mount worth it?

Honestly, I don’t really think you should charge money in the game unless you really want to and you want to benefit from the multiple benefits of charging, but definitely don’t do it only for the mount part, because it is simply aesthetic – will not give you any extra stats.

Use the Quick Battle once a day

Every 24 hours you will be able to use the Quick Battle option for free. This can be found in the Combat interface and on the right side of the screen. This will otherwise cost 50 Pearls.

Use the Quick Battle to help you advance through the more difficult stages, or if you find yourself stuck at a certain stage. Try to alternate this with the other team mates, because it will help you pass much more easier!

Do your Daily Quests

Every single day you should do the daily quests, because they are really easy to do and by completing all of them, you receive a coin to make a wish in the wishing well, which will eventually give you a yellow skill. It’s super important to complete all, otherwise you will not get that coin.

Also, for every daily quest that you complete you will receive Starfish, which you can use to quickly complete the Capture process.

Release pets and get the goods

Every time you capture pets, you will have a chance to capture some… not so good ones. Make sure you check their stats as we mentioned above (in the Skill tab) and if you have some pretty bad ones, release them!

Simply tap on the “Release” button and there you can release the pets you don’t want, because in return you will receive some extremely useful items – Normal Fossils – which will help you improve your power and make your pet stronger.

By combining 100 Normal Fossils you will receive a Rare Fossil which you can use in the Pet -> Train -> Pet Research menu, to unlock more stats for your pets and get more powerful.

Allocate your Character Attributes

In the Character -> Attributes menu you can find the Energy Points that you collected so far and you can start allocating them! If you are not sure how to do that, let me explain a little bit:

Intelligence: boosts the ATK, HIT and Impale

Stamina: boosts the HP, Block and Evasion

Technique: boosts the Armor, Crit and Tenacity

If you are not sure how to allocate them, then I am here to help you out! Depending on which class you are playing, you are either Tank, DPS or Healer! This is how you should go for the boosts, in the order that I am mentioning here:

– For the Tank, you should go for Stamina and Technique! You need to boost your survivability, because more often than not, the team is depending entirely on you surviving and tanking the enemy hits.

– For a DPS character, you should go for Intelligence and Technique! The team will need you to do as much damage as possible, and leveling INT first and then Tech is the way to go.

– For a Healer, you should go for Stamina and Intelligence! A Healer will need to have some survivability from the Stamina, and then some attack, because the hits heal depending on your attack. (the more ATK you have, the higher you heal)

Do you have any questions about the game? Let me know and I will get back to you ASAP! Or add me in game and ask me right away! My IGN is lnsania (that’s LNSANIA – yeah, I know it’s spelled funny).

Check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our Ulala: Idle Adventure tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you want to share your own tips and tricks about the game with the rest of us, leave them down in the comments section below!

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Ulala: Idle Adventure Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful and Pass More Stages

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