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Ulala: Idle Adventure: How to Build a Perfect Character?

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

Now for those of you who have not yet learned how to properly boost their character’s power, I am here to give you a helping hand and show you how to build a perfect character in Ulala: Idle Adventure.

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When it comes to building a good character, you will want to always keep track of your character’s Power, a.k.a. the big number shown in the character interface, right under your character.

That number will indicate your overall power, including gear score, skill score and so on. The higher this number is, the easier it will be for your character to deal with higher level bosses in the game and you’ll have a much easier time being recruited into any team.

But first and foremost, I will tell you about your Attributes so that you will know which ones to choose depending on the class that you are playing.

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Attribute points

These Attribute Points are super important because they will boost various stats for your character, and therefore they will determine how much more effect your skills will have on the boss, and boss skills will have on you. You can check out our article with the best class in the game here!

Basically for each class there are different stats, so if you want to know how to allocate attribute points, here’s a brief guide:

Hunter Build:

Agility (first) -> Tech

As a Hunter you will need damage mainly, as you are mostly a DPS class. Agility will boost your ATK and Tech will boost your Crit. You can also try out this:

Agility (first) -> Tech & Stamina equally distributed, if you are looking to build on the slightly more tanky side, or if you want to work that into your Pounce skill.

Assassin Build:

Agility (first) -> Tech & Stamina equally distributed, or lean slightly more towards Tech

The Assassin will need some HP, and some Block would be also nice, that’s why I think some Stamina would be good. Along with that, Agility (obviously) for the damage and Tech for the Crit.

Gladiator Build:

Stamina (first) -> Tech

Since the Gladiator is pure tank, I think that Stamina is the most important because it provides HP and Block (and Evasion, but that’s more of a Hunter/Assassin thing). After that, of course, comes the Armor granted by points in Tech.

Warrior Build:

There are two ways that I see this working, but it all depends on the skills you choose. If you are mainly going for Giant’s Return, Fearless Shield and other super tanky skills, you should try going for this:

Stamina (first) -> Tech

But since the Warrior can combine both tankiness with some ATK and still manage to survive very well, you should consider balancing all three attributes, or even going for Strength first to boost the ATK (if you are using Lion’s Road, Swipe and other tanky skills which also do damage).

Strength – Stamina – Tech (balanced) or

Strength (first) -> Stamina & Tech balanced

Warlock Build:

Int (first) -> Tech

You want as much damage as possible, and this is the perfect combo.

Shaman Build:

Int (first) -> Stamina

You want to be able to survive quite a bit, and since your heals rely on ATK, Int is pretty good. You can also try to go for this, in case you want to extend your life and make surviving easier:

Stamina (first) -> Int

Druid Build:

Int (first) -> Stamina

As most Druids will have a mix of ATK and healing, it’s better to go for Int first in my opinion.

Mage Build:

Int (first) -> Tech

Much like the Warlock, the Mage should be looking to boost their own damage because they are supposedly a DPS class.

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Transcend

Whenever your character reaches various level milestones, you will be able to Transcend, which means that your character will gain some extra stats and Attribute points.

A character can Transcend 5 times, which is when you will reach your “ultimate form”. There are several quests that you need to do, such as being a certain level, reaching a certain stage and having a certain gear enhancement.

Whenever you Transcend, you will gain 10 Attribute Points which you can allocate however you wish. You can do this at level 20, 40 and so on.

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Skills

You will get various skills that you can attribute to your character, so I suggest that if you want to improve, you will allocate the best quality skills (Epic or Legendary) because they will improve your character’s power the most.

I suggest that you carefully read your skills and allocate the skills that go well together with each other, or have a good synergy, because otherwise you might end up with a mix of skills which will not deem your character very strong.

Another way to get more powerful is to always upgrade your skills. By grinding in the stages non stop, you can acquire a ton of skills, but out of which you will probably not use any. If that is the case, then simply head o to the Character menu -> Skill -> Upgrade by using the skills which you have extra.

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Equipment

By grinding you will pick up a lot of equipment which might be good or not so good. You should always switch out the old gear with new one, so you can always be at maximum power.

And always make sure that you have your best equipment on, and always have it enchanted up to the maximum level (which is equal to your character’s level). I suggest that you try and check the Black Market for new equipment every now and then, because you might see something better than what you already have that you can buy with Shells.

Also, once you unlock Crafting gears you should use the Gear Shards from the gears that you smelt into crafting new ones. Only craft better gears than what you already have.

Ulala: Idle Adventure – Buffs

One other way to get more powerful in the game is to use buffs. These buffs are obtained by eating the dishes that you cook, so basically all the food that you can use to catch various pets, you can eat it to gain certain buffs.

Ulala: Idle Adventure – How to Create a New Character

In order to create a new character, all that you really need to do is head on to the character creation interface (right when you start off the game) and tap on the “+” to create a new one. You will start with 3 character slots, but as you level up you will unlock more!

New character slots unlock at level 35, 45, 50 and 55. I suggest that you start and stick to one character, because if you want to make more character later on you will only have this many options!

You can create an extra character to level up and advance and play with, while your main is slowly grinding the high level stages!

Don’t forget about the pets in Ulala: Idle Adventure! we have created a full pet guide here to help you out, and you should definitely check it out! Also, take a look at our game guide right here to learn all of our tips and tricks about the game.

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