Tricky Doors Level 5 Walkthrough


There are many different puzzles for mobile devices. And one of the most popular is Tricky Doors. This is a puzzle game in which players need to find a way out of the level using different items and solving puzzles. And in this guide, we will tell you about Tricky Doors Level 5 Walkthrough.

Tricky Doors Level 5 Walkthrough

In Tricky Doors, you will need to find your way out of 8 different levels. On each, you will find many different items and some of them need to be combined. At level 4, you had to get off the floating island. And in level 5 you will find yourself in an amusement park.

  • Go to the circuit box and take the Keychain from there. Use this to open the box nearby. Inside you will find Scissors and a Wrench. To the right of the location, you must take the Grill Fork from the cart. After that, push the trash can to find the Cartridges and the Glass Cutter.
  • On the nearby cart, you need to take the Valve. Then, near the bench, use the Valve on the water pipe. After that, cut off a piece of the Hose with Scissors and also take the Chip. Combine a piece of Hose and Scissors.
  • Now cut off the sparkling wires with Scissors. Then use the received Wires on the box in the center of the location to start the mini-game. To solve it, you need to swap the blocks to connect all the wires.
  • Once you solve the mini-game, the Ferris wheel will start moving. Go to the booth and use the Glass Cutter to get the Knob and Gun from there.
  • You should now return to the shooting range counter. Use the Cartridges on the Gun and interact with the counter to start a mini-game. You just need to hit all the targets to get the Key. Go to the next location.
  • In the corridor, you need to use the Grill Fork to get the Chip from under the broken tiles. Then move the plank on the wall to the right to get the Button.
  • After that, use the Wrench on the lamp above the door. Connect the green wire instead of the red one. Then use the Key to go to the next room.
  • The room will be very dark, so you need to take the Gloves on the right and return to the Ferris wheel. Take the Bulb using the Gloves and return to the dark room. Use the Light Bulb to repair the lamp.
  • Use the Button on the locker and press them in the correct order. You can see the order in the first corridor on the left of the wall: red, blue, yellow, and green. Inside the locker, you will find the Token.
  • Then use the Knob on the radio on the locker. Set the frequency to 12:30 to get the Knife. Then take the Kettle and Paper Clip to the table. Use the Paper Clip to open the drawer and take the Tweezers from there.
  • Now in the first room, use the Knife on the phone to open it and get the Printed Circuit Board. Interact with the sofa to find ventilation. Use the Tweezers to get the Chip from the vent.
  • Next, you need to return to the first location and use the Token on the video game machine. This will start a mini-game in which you will need to drive a car and avoid obstacles. By winning the mini-game you will receive Cryptex.

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  • After that, go to the bench and fill the Kettle with water. Also, remember the time written in the newspaper. Then put the Kettle of Water on the stove in the third location.
  • Now use the Printed Circuit Board on the device on the table. Enter 5285 on the device. Several characters will be displayed on the screen. Select the same symbols on the Cryptex in your inventory to get the Key.
  • Use this Key on the typewriter to get the Chip. Finally, return to the second location and use the Chips on the electrical circuit on the right side. You will need to click on the lights so that everything lights up. Once you solve this mini-game, you will be able to advance to level 6.

That’s all you need to know about level 5 in Tricky Doors. Follow our tips to solve all the puzzles at this level. And we hope this guide was helpful for you.

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Tricky Doors Level 5 Walkthrough


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