Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough


Tricky Doors is an incredibly addictive puzzle game for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. Players need to look for various items and combine them to find a way out of the locations. The game is divided into 8 big levels. And in this guide, we will tell you about Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough.

Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough

On the second level, you will find yourself on a strange island. There is not a single living soul on the island. And instead, you will find a lot of puzzles that you have to solve.

  • Tap on the Fishing Rod next to the red toolbox. Then pick up some Brushwood by tapping on the boat. Finally, take the Saw and Hammer from the yellow toolbox.
  • Now you need to use the Saw to get some planks from the boat. Then use them to repair the dock. Move on to the next location.
  • Pick up a cute Rubber Duck and 2 Brushwood on the left of the house and the right on the rocks. Then go to the door and take the Lighter from the coat pocket. After that, solve the puzzle to open the chest. To do this, expose all the ropes so that they turn brown and pass through each knot. From the chest, you will receive a Ladder.
  • Next, you need to use the Ladder to get to the birdhouse. There you will find another Brushwood and a Small Key. After that, approach the boat and pick up the Brushwood and Torn Sail.
  • Now use the Hammer to break the plank in front of the entrance to the house. There you will find a Puzzle Piece and Brushwood. Use the Key on the lock and enter the house. Inside, take the Empty Canister and return to the dock.
  • Use the Empty Canister on the boat’s motor. Then take the Can of Gasoline to the house and refill the lantern. Finally, use the Lighter to light it up.
  • In the house, you can collect 2 Brushwood, Jar with Resin, Forceps, and Fishing Line. Also, look at the picture with the ship and remember the colors. After that, go to the dock and interact with the red box.

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  • To open the box you must put in order Yellow, Green and Red. Inside you will find a Hook and a Knife. Then connect the Hook, Fishing Line, and Fishing Rod. Use it to get the Canister out of the water. Inside you will find the Key. Now you must cut the Rubber Ducky with the Knife to get the Puzzle Piece. Then head back to the house and also cut the Pillow to get another Puzzle Piece.
  • Next, use the Key on the cabinet on the right. Inside you will find a Box and a Tripod. Now put Trinoga between the stones next to the house. Add Brushwood there and set it on fire with a Lighter. Attach Jar with Resin to the Tripod and when the resin melts, use the Forceps to remove the Puzzle Piece from the jar.
  • Then go to the cabinet next to the bed and insert all the Puzzle Pieces. Next, you need to solve a mini-game. To do this, you need to draw a line through each point, but so that it does not intersect.
  • After that, a sewing machine will appear on which you can sew the Sail. Return the Sail to the boat to see the pattern you need to solve the Box mini-game. Inside you will find a key that unlocks the boat. Finally, you can leave the level.

That’s all you need to know about completing level 2 in Tricky Doors. Follow our tips, and you will be able to solve all the puzzles. And we hope this guide was useful for you.

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Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough


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