Tricky Doors Level 1 Walkthrough


You discovered a curious little book, and some unknown force compelled you to start writing in it. The second the pen hit the book, you were suddenly engulfed by a bright light, and now you’ve woken up in a strange cabin! And thus begins the first level of Tricky Doors, an adventure game with plenty of mind-bending puzzles to solve. We’ll help you find your way home with our Tricky Doors level 1 walkthrough!

Tricky Doors Episode 1 Complete Walkthrough

You find yourself in the middle of a mysterious cabin, with no recollection of how you got here. Your main goal of this episode is to find a way home, whatever that entails. Your journey will take you through magical environments, so let’s start the adventure.

Part 1: Escaping the Cabin

First things first, we’re going to grab anything that isn’t bolted down to the floor. You can tap and drag the screen up and down to shift your view, so drag it down. Look in the bottom left corner, and you should see a Candle and wooden Handle near the trapdoor, so grab them.

In the middle of the room there’s a fireplace. Look inside and grab the Figured Key hanging on the back of the fireplace. Above the fireplace rests a Ritual Knife and a Potion Recipe, so grab those.

Look to the right, and you should see an eerie looking mask on the wall, so tap on it to examine it closely. There’s a red gem in its right eye socket, to tap on it to collect the Ruby. Below the eerie mask is a Broomstick.

Tap on the chest on the right side of the room to examine it closely. Don’t tap on the chest a second time, instead look on the floor, and you should see the Key with Balls.

Examine the alchemy desk on the left side of the room. Read the piece of paper in the bottom right corner, and you’ll reveal the Key with Monograms. Grab the straw Doll from the bottom left corner.

That’s just about everything we can pick up from the start. Now, we’ve got to put our thinking caps on and start figuring stuff out! There’s a big trapdoor in the middle of the room that requires four keys to unlock, so that’s probably where we’re headed.

All the items highlight in red can be immediately picked up.

In the top right corner of the room, near the eerie mask, you should see a cobweb. Tap on it to examine it closely, then use the Broomstick on it to receive the Simple Key.

To the left of the fireplace and above the alchemy desk is a rope with some herbs on it. Use the Ritual Knife to cut it and collect some Rope. That’s pretty much all we can do here for now, so let’s get out of here.

Examine the trapdoor in the middle of the room and use the Figured Key, Key with Balls, Simple Key, and Key with Monograms to unlock the trapdoor. Climb down to leave the cabin.

Part 2: Collecting the Potion Ingredients

You now find yourself in the middle of a beautiful forest. Examine the bush to the right of the cabin’s ladder, then grab some Berries off of it. Exit out of the berry bush, then use the Ritual Knife on the top section of the tree next to the bird cage to get Birch Bark. Drag the screen down, examine the stump, and collect the Axe Head and Feathers in the grass.

Examine the Axe Head from your inventory, then use the Handle on it. The Handle doesn’t quite fit into the Axe Head’s hole, so use the Ritual Knife to shave off some excess wood to fully repair the Axe.

Tap on the pile of chopped logs to highlight it, then tap on the stump to move the log over. Use the repaired Axe on it to chop all the logs to receive Firewood. Leave the stump, and examine the four owls resting on the branch in the top right corner.

Tapping on an eye will make its eyes glow. The owls’ eyes can glow either red or yellow, and you’ll want to take note of this, starting with the owl on the left, finishing to the right. Our order was red, red, yellow, yellow, red, yellow, yellow, red, but your order may be different.

You can see a strange looking altar in the distance that’s emitting a red flame, so tap on it to get closer. Drag the screen down and grab the Handle by the rock. To the left, grab the Empty Cauldron on the ground. Examine the lily pad with the pink flower on it to get a closer look. Use the Ritual Knife on it to cut the stem and collect the Lily.

Use the Ritual Knife on the mushrooms growing on the totem near the right side of the screen to collect Mushrooms. Grab the Arrow that’s sticking out the side of the totem. Tap on the top part of the totem to examine the face.

There’s a single yellow gem in the totem’s right eye socket, so place the Ruby in its left socket. Tapping on either gem will make it glow, so you’ll need to replicate the order of the owls’ eye colors from earlier.

You can tap on the reset button near the bottom of the screen to start over if you mess up at any time. If you tap the gems in the right order, a secret compartment will open up from the side of the totem’s head, so grab the Crystal inside.

Go back to the altar view. Notice that the tree on the left side has been chewed through by beavers, so finish the job with your Axe. It’ll fall down to the other side of the river, allowing you to cross.

Tap the altar to examine it from a top-down view. Tap in the center where the flame is to get a close-up, then use both the Candle and the Doll on the flame to get a Burning Candle and Smoking Doll.

Leave the altar, and examine the snake to the left of the totem. Use the Smoking Doll to scare the snake away, then grab the red Gem. Go back to the field outside the cabin.

Examine the well on the right side of the screen and attach the Handle to the side of it. Place the Empty Cauldron on the chain in the middle, then operate the handle. Tap on the cauldron twice to get a Key and Cauldron of Water. Climb back into the cabin.

Examine the chest in the bottom right corner twice to find a puzzle of some sort. It’s blocked by a magical force field, so place the red Gem in the empty socket in the bottom left to deactivate it.

Your objective here is to get the red and green gems into their respective slots; the green gem goes into the left slot, and the red gem into the right slot. Here are a couple rules you should know:

  • The green and red gems can be moved in any direction.
  • The horizontal blocks can only be moved left and right, while the vertical blocks can only move up and down.

To give you an idea of how the flow of the puzzle should go, here’s what the board looks like when you’re about to solve it:

Once the gems are in their correct positions, the chest will unlock, so grab the Stick and Net. Examine the Stick from your inventory, then combine it with the Rope, Arrow, and Feathers to get a ready-to-use Bow. Leave the cabin and return to the altar river crossing.

Examine the lily pad floating on the river, and you should see a chest floating in the water. Use the Net on the chest to retrieve it, and use the Ritual Knife to cut off and collect some Seaweed. Use your Key to unlock the chest and get a Bottle.

Examine the thin tree with the apple hanging off of it. Use your bow to shoot the Apple down, then return to the cabin.

Part 3: Entering the Micro-World

Examine the Recipe scroll from your inventory. You need to select each ingredient from your inventory, then tap the correct spot to add it to the recipe. Once you add Mushrooms, Berries, Lily, Seaweed, and finally Birch Bark, they will all combine into Ingredients.

Examine the fireplace, then place the Firewood inside. Use the Burning Candle to light the Firewood ablaze. Place the Cauldron of Water on the hook, then dump your combined Ingredients into the Cauldron. The water will turn pink, so dip the Apple into it to enchant it into a Magic Apple.

Now, examine the window above the alchemy desk. One of the panels has a small circle, so place the Crystal inside and a magic beam will shine upon the desk.

Examine the alchemy desk, and you’ll see that the magic beam of light is shining upon the small platform with the ladder. Place the Bottle on the platform and a magical field will appear inside the bottle. Use the Magic Apple on the Bottle to eat it and shrink, allowing you to enter.

You find yourself in the middle of a mushroom garden, with a praying mantis staring at you. The seal of magic book is on the mantis, so you’ll need to find a way to grab it.

Examine the web to the left of the mantis, and attempt to use your Axe on it. The Axe will give out, breaking the head, but you’ll get the Handle back. Examine the Bow in your inventory, and use the Ritual Knife to cut it and get the Rope back.

Examine the beetle husk near the mantis. Tap on its horn mandible to break it off, then use the Handle on it. Fasten the whole thing together with the Rope to get a Sharp Tool. Go back to the web.

Use the Sharp Tool on the web to cut it all down, and then collect the Nymph. With the web gone, an interesting rock is revealed in the background, so tap on it to examine it. There are two square indents, and the bottom one will open up to reveal another puzzle.

Your objective here is to match the bug marbles with their correct positions, as indicated by the diagram at the top. The top row is the blue row, and the bottom row is the purple row, and they must match the bug positions exactly. When a marble is in the correct spot, it will light up a bit.

Upon completion of the puzzle, the top indent will open up to reveal a note, which gives instructions on how to grow the “Flower of Insight” outside the micro-world. You’re instructed to use a Golden Spatula to extract the flower, then plant it in the ashes inside the ritual bowl. Grab the Golden Spatula next to the note.

Examine the patch of the strange eye-flowers on the right side of the screen. Try to grab one, but it’ll immediately wither. Just like the note mentioned, you’ll need to use the Golden Spatula to dig up a Bulb.

Use the Nymph on the mantis, and you’ll receive the Stamp. Examine the rock to the right of the mantis to push aside the leaves covering it, and you’ll notice a diagram that looks a lot like the ritual altar from earlier.

Head back to the ritual altar. You’ll notice that you can now interact with the contraptions in the four corners of the screen, so tap them in the order you saw on the diagram, from I to IV. The ritual flame will go out, so tap in the center to examine it closely.

Use the Golden Spatula to dig up a small crevice, then drop the Bulb in. The Flower of Insight will immediately sprout, so grab it. Return to the cabin.

Part 4: Going Home

Examine the alchemy desk, then use the Stamp on the book with the skull on it. The book will open to reveal a blank page, an Ink Recipe, an Amulet, and a Key.

Examine the cabinet above the desk with the weighing scale. Use the Key to unlock the cabinet, then grab the three Jars. Examine the weighing scale, and use the Ink Recipe on the nail near the left side of the screen to pin the recipe. You’ll need to gather a bunch of ingredients again, so head back into the bottle.

Examine the big white orchid on the left side, and use a Jar to collect some Dew. Now, examine the white flower buds on the right side and use a Jar to collect some Pollen. Finally, examine the area where the web used to be, and use the Ritual Knife on the big stem in the foreground. Use your last Jar to collect Orchid Juice.

Before we start brewing the ink, leave the cabin. Examine the bird cage on the left side of the screen. Use the Amulet to unlock the cage, but it turns out the bird is blind. Feed it the Flower of Insight to restore its vision, then examine the cage once more to get the Blind Bird’s Feather.

Head back into the cabin and examine the desk with the weighing scale. Place all the filled Jars on the shelves, and the puzzle will start. Your objective is to correctly even out the measurements of each ingredient, as listed in the recipe.

To us, the rules of this puzzle were not explained very clearly, so we’ll walk you through it. Let’s start with the red bottle, which is equal to 5. So, put the 8 weight on one side, and then put the 5 bowl and the 3 weight on the other side.

You can now pour the red bottle into the 5 bowl, which evens the scale out, because both sides are now equal to 8. You can now use the filled 5 bowl as a weight, so it’s just simple math from there. Here’s a quick reference for convenience:

  • Dark green bottle: 2
  • Pink bottle: 7
  • Blue bottle: 6
  • Red bottle: 5
  • Light green bottle: 4

Once you’ve correctly weighed out each ingredient, you will automatically pour them into the bottle on the right side of the desk. Tap on the bottle to obtain Magic Ink.

Examine the alchemy desk, then place the Magic Ink on the desk. Use the Blind Bird’s Feather on the Magic Ink to establish the link back to the real world, then tap on the book. Congratulations, you’ve completed episode 1 of Tricky Doors!

That concludes our Tricky Doors level 1 walkthrough. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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