Tricky Doors Level 4 Walkthrough


Tricky Doors is an addictive puzzle game for mobile devices. Players need to find a way out of different locations. And for this, you need to look for different items, combine them and use them to open various doors. The game has different levels, so in this guide, we will tell you about Tricky Doors Level 4 Walkthrough.

Tricky Doors Level 4 Walkthrough

Each level in Tricky Doors is a unique map with several locations. On each, you will find a lot of items and puzzles. But sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do next. That’s why we created this walkthrough for Level 4.

  • At level 4, you will find yourself on a floating island where you will need to do a lot of things. First, pick up the Knife and Hook. Then remove the Brushwood from the tree and take the Handle from the swing.
  • On the right, use the Handle on the grindstone and sharpen the Knife. Pick up Shackle and Wire there. Next, take another Brushwood on the anvil. After that, cut the Rope from the swing using the Knife. And then, connect the Rope to the Hook and pull the suspension bridge to get to the next location.
  • On the left, on the cupboard, you can pick up Brushwood. Then pick up the Matchbox in the center. After that, you must use the Wire to open the chest and take more Brushwood from it. Use the Knife to cut off the Piece of Orange Fabric.
  • Also, use the Wire again to open the box and start the mini-game. To solve it, you need to correctly set 5 images so that the number of objects matches the hint below. Inside you will find a Box and Dynamite.
  • Near the oven, you can get an Oven Fork, Bucket, Half of the Mill, and Oil. After that, return to the first location and use the Dynamite and Matchbox on the rocks. After the explosion, the water will start to come out, and you will be able to take Half of the Mill. Then connect the Bucket to the Shackle and fill it with water. Now use Half of the Mill on the Box to start the second mini-game. To solve it, you need to move the objects to places with the same color.

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  • Inside the Box, you will find Beans. Go to the second location and plant the beans in the place where the roots stick out of the ground. Pour water from the Bucket and wait for the tree bridge to reach the next island. Use the Knife to cut the Bean Tree Leaf and head across the bridge.
  • On the left of the ship, you need to get the Eggs and the Crystal using the Oven Fork. Then read the paper the skeleton is holding and use the Oil on the case nearby. After that, you need to connect all the dots of the same color, and so that the lines do not intersect. This will allow you to take the Bread Recipe and the Key from the case.
  • Then cut some Forget-me-nots with the Knife. To the right of the ship and on the path you can find 2 Brushwood. After that, take the Empty Bag on the bench, cut the bag on the right to get the Crystal, and pick up the Sprouted Grain.
  • Now go back to the second location and use the Key to open the cupboard. Inside you will find a Hammer and a Crystal. Then select the Bread Recipe and take the inventory items listed in the Recipe. In the first location, you must plant a Sprouted Grain and use the Hammer on the plate to water the Grain. When it grows, use the Knife to collect the crops in the Bag.
  • Again go to the third location and use the Hammer to get the Nails out of the ship. Then use a Piece of Orange Fabric, Nails, and a Hammer to fix Wind Fan. And in the same place, use the Harvest Bag to get Flour and add it to the Bread Recipe.
  • After that, use the Brushwood and Matchbox on the Furnace in the second location. Lay out all the ingredients and prepare the Bread. Finally, insert three Crystals into the dials and enter the number 332. After that, a firebird will appear and take you to the next level.

That’s all you need to know about the level 4 walkthrough in Tricky Doors. Follow our tips, and you will be able to quickly move to level 5. And while you are here, take a look at our Tricky Doors Level 1 Walkthrough

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Tricky Doors Level 4 Walkthrough


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