Are you ready to do some more out of the box thinking? Our Tricky Challenge 2 walkthrough continues to guide you through the most difficult stages of this game and in today’s article we are going to check out the complete solution for 20 more levels: the Tricky Challenge 2 walkthrough for levels 41 to 60.

If you’re looking for older stages of the game, we’ve got you covered: the first 20 levels are solved here and you can also check out the answers to levels 21 – 40.

Now that we’ve got that solved, let’s keep on going in this beautiful, yet difficult game. Below we have the Tricky Challenge 2 solution to levels 41 – 60. But please, only use these if you really get stuck and can’t progress anymore, as you will ruin the fun of the game if you check out all the answers before trying to solve a level.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 41 solution
“Xiao Ming is good at playing basketball. So who is Xiao Ming?” The one to the right: tap and drag him upwards, he will get taller. Then tap him.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 42 solution

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 43 solution
“Try to mix up the two liquids”: Place a finger on top of the vial, then shake your device until the solution is mixed.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 44 solution
“What are you talking about? I can’t hear you clearly due to the strong wind”: Turn your device’s volume all the way to the maximum to complete this level.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 45 solution
“Help the fat man get this beautiful lady”: Drag the man over the bed and tap him until he loses weight (you have to tap a LOT)

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 46 solution
“The mosquito annoys me. Kill it.” Place a finger on the screen to draw the mosquito there, then tap the mosquito once it arrives.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 47 solution
“Which cup is the biggest?” This one drove me crazy! Start swiping over the t-shirts of the ladies over and over again until you remove them (10-12 swipes for each). Then, tap the one with the largest breasts – in my case, the bottom left one.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 48 solution
“What’s your body temperature?” Tap the red mercury bubble and wait until it reaches the required level.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 49 solution
“Find stars”: Shake the device until there are stars over the kids’ heads. Then tap them.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 50 solution
“Claude got hurt by the nail, what will he do next?” Scream, as if you were in pain, into the microphone (you don’t have to be too loud, fortunately).

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 51 solution
“Open the screw”: Put a finger over the nail, then rotate your device in order to complete this level.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 52 solution
“point arrow to yourself”: Tap the red arrows to rotate the large green arrow until it points downwards, towards your physical location. When it’s pointing directly downwards, tap the arrow.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 53 solution
“How many stars have appeared in the previous challenge”: The answer is 15 (you can go back to the level 49, shake the phone and count them).

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 54 solution
About this running match, who is the last one: Tap the kid with a nail in his foot, at the bottom left of the screen.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 55 solution
“Ferdinand was stolen in a year before. Which one is the thief”: This one is trickier – go to your device’s settings and set the date exactly 1 year behind. Then return to the game to find the thief.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 56 solution
“Today is Tom’s two year birthday. Light up candles for him”: Drag the match over the middle candle, then turn the phone to a side to light up another candle.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 57 solution
“Find the last camper. You will win after killing him”: Swipe over the weapons, to the right, to reveal a shotgun, then tap it.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 58 solution
“How many holes on this sock?” 4

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 59 solution
“Which one is a male”: Blow over the microphone until the skirts of the ladies go up, then tap the one wearing boxer shorts (bottom left in my case).

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 60 solution
“Open this champagne for celebration”: Shake your device for a while, then tap the cork to open the bottle. This is it!

This would be it for now. We’re still working hard on solving all the levels and once we do, we’ll be back here with more answers, so stay tuned!


  1. How long do I have to shake the champagne bottle for? My family is going to think I’m up to something dodgy the headboard on the bed is banging, I can’t get it to work.


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