Tricky Challenge 2 is here to force you think outside of the box and find the solution to a host of really difficult levels that really make you scratch your head. Although you will instantly find the solution for some of the stages in the game, with most of them things won’t be that simple. But we’re here to help with a complete Tricky Challenge 2 walkthrough for all levels.

And we’re going to start with the first 20 levels in this article, so if you’re stuck anywhere early on, just find the required level in our walkthrough below and you’re all set. Just try not to cheat too much and only use this walkthrough if you are indeed stuck, otherwise you’re taking away all the fun of the game.

With these in mind, let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below the Tricky Challenge 2 walkthrough for levels 1 to level 20!

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 1 solution
Keep a finger over the hole that doesn’t have the mole, then tap the mole with another finger.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 2 solution
Drag the blue man label over the door with a red label to switch them. Then drag the boy over the new restroom.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 3 solution
Tap the cord at the bottom of the screen, then drag it upwards until you plug it in into the new power supply.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 4 solution
“Can you whack the mole again?” – Tap each of the holes a few times until you cover them. Then tap the mole.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 5 solution
Tap the number “5” on the top left side of the screen, near the question mark.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 6 solution
Tap the 5th star and rate them or just move on to the next challenge.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 7 solution
“Light up the candle”: Tap and hold the match, then drag it up and down to the left side of the screen (the blue area) until it lights up. It will take a lot of rubbing for it to light up, so prepare for that!

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 8 solution
“The little pig falls asleep. Wake it up”: tap and hold over the pig’s nose until it wakes up.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 9 solution
“The supermarket is discounting today. How many Cola did Xiao Ming bought”? First, drag the world “Cola” out of the question to reveal three cola cans (drag them until they’re all revealed). Then start dragging the cans that you started with and count them all. You have 19 cola cans, so tap the + until you get to 19, then tap OK.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 10 solution
“Which one is a real bat?” Shake your device until two bats fall off.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 11 solution
“Don’t let anybody know you have ACE”: Use one finger to cover the word “ACE” and another to cover the A on the card.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 12 solution
“The rabbit disappeared. Find it” Tap the magician’s hat to reveal it.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 13 solution
“The rabbit disappeared again. Find it”. Now the rabbit is hiding behind the lower right hat.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 14 solution
Again, the rabbit! Tap the magician’s hat this time and drag the ears upwards to reveal it.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 15 solution
“Open the cabinet”: tap the bottom left side of the cabinet and drag it upwards to open the door.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 16 solution
“Drag the ball and go to the terminal in 5 seconds”: When the countdown timer begins, drag the blue ball over the word “terminal”.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 17 solution
“Try the equation to make sense”: turn your device upside down

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 18 solution
“The Tortoise and the Hare. Let the hare win.” When the turtle starts moving, tap the Pause button in the upper left corner so it stops. Then tap the rabbit until it passes the finish line.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 19 solution
“Steal meat from the crocodile’s mouth”: Put one finger over the crocodile’s eyes, then tap the meat.

Tricky Challenge 2 Level 20 solution
“Which bulb lasts longer”: Tap and hold over each of the bulbs for a few seconds. One of them will get the “It’s hot” text over and that is the one that lasts longer. In my case, it was C, the bulb to the right.

These are the first 20 levels of the game, but we’re working hard on solving all the levels. When we do, we’ll make sure to upload the answers to our website, so don’t hesitate to check back often if you need even more answers for this great puzzle game!

Update: the next set of answers has been published and you can check it out here (the solution for levels 21 – 40). We also have the complete solution for levels 41 – 60 here.


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