World bosses serve as a progression ladder and end-game content for players who can fight and defeat them to earn powerful gear, Matrix, Weapon Augmentation Boxes, and many other rewards. This guide will discuss all world bosses’ locations in Tower of Fantasy. 

All World Bosses Location in Tower of Fantasy 

While writing this article, six world bosses in Tower of Fantasy reside in the different regions of the Aesperia map. Below you will find their location and other details. 

Robarg World Boss Location

Screengrab Via WoW Quest

Robarg is one of the first world bosses players encounter in the starting region, Astra. You can find Robarg in an arena filled with red plants and foliage in the southmost part of Astra. 

Apophis World Boss Location

Screengrab Via WoW Quest

Apophis is another world boss with whom you will cross paths while exploring the southwest area of Black Market in the Banges region of Aesperia map. 

Frost Bot Boss Location 

Screengrab Via WoW Quest

When you reach the Navia region, you can find the fight the world boss, Frost Bot. You will find him in the south of Cetus Island. 

Sobek World Boss Location 

Screengrab Via WoW Quest

Sobek is the world boss in Tower of Fantasy who resides in the Crown region, and you will find him left of Area 4. 

Lucia World Boss Location

Screengrab Via WoW Quest

You will find Lucia south of Area 4 in the Crown region of the Aesperia map. 

Barbarossa World Boss Location

Barbarossa is yet another world boss in Tower of Fantasy whom players will find inside a Dome in the icy tundra of the Warren region of Aesperia map. 

Screengrab Via WoW Quest

And that it is. We have shared the exact location of all world bosses in Tower of Fantasy. Now it’s on you! Find and defeat them for lucrative rewards. 

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Tower of Fantasy: All World Bosses Locations


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