Tower of Fantasy is an MMO with a ton of game-related jargon, complex mechanics, gameplay systems, and a plethora of other similar things that make it hard for new players to get started with the game. Seeing that, we have prepared a detailed Tower of Fantasy beginner’s guide, sharing tips, tricks, and info on the game that will help you in your journey in Aida. 

Tower of Fantasy Best Beginner’s Guide

Below you will find the best beginner’s guide for Tower of Fantasy – it will cover everything you need to know about the game, from the characters (or weapons, however you want to call them), to Stamina, resource management, and more. Check it out!

Weapons Are Characters, and Characters Are Weapons

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The nuances that Tower of Fantasy has—confuses many players. The game has only one main character that it refers to as the Wanderer, there is no party system, and the different waifus and husbandos you see in the game’s gacha are weapons called Simulacra. 

Your character can equip and switch between a total of three weapons—which, depending on rarity, are either characters, aka Simulacra, or normal weapons. 

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When you equip any SSR or SR Simulacra weapon, you can inherit their appearance and combat abilities. The Simulacra skin gives you no special benefit. You can just equip their weapon while hanging on to the appearance of your custom-created character. Or you can use their weapon, as well as their appearance. The choice is yours. 

Why Waste Stamina!  

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Yes! Tower of Fantasy has a stamina bar consumed when players climb a structure. But who cares? We will teach you how to do the infinite climb without consuming any stamina. 

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When you grab a structure for climbing, press the drop key (on PC, it’s the CTRL key, on mobile, you will get the on-screen button prompt) –> do a double jump –> tap on the forward key or direction to grab the structure again. Repeat the process, and you can climb anything in no time—without using stamina. 

Tower of Fantasy Has Fall Damage. But Who Cares!

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Tower of Fantasy has fall damage that players can avoid using the Dash action or by performing a charged attack. When you are in mid-air, hold the charge attack button to avoid fall damage. Alternatively, you can do a dash right when you are about to hit the ground to avoid fall damage.

Do Not Waste Resources 

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The most common mistake many players make while playing Tower of Fantasy is wasting resources on rare or SR Simulacra’s. Please! Don’t do that. Never upgrade rare weapons. Also, the game gives you many free gacha pulls to obtain an SSR Simulacra. Upgrade them. At least you can put some resources in the following SR Simulacra  

  • Bai Ling – Nightingale’s Feather 
  • Ene – Pummeler 
  • Pepper – Staff of Scars

Complete Storyline 

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There are a lot of things that will distract you while playing Tower of Fantasy. May it be NPC Mogudo challenges, some fun constellation puzzles, those cryptic metallic Type 1 and Type 2 Password chests, and other things. Spending time on them is all good. 

But, make sure you are progressing the main story as it not only unlocks the different features that Tower of Fantasy has to offer, it also gives you access to some of the much-needed Relics. 

Exploration is Key to Free Gacha Pulls

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In the above para, we told you to focus on Story quests, and now we are saying explore! Sounds dumb, right? Well! The thing is—if you want free gacha pulls, you can explore the open world and open chests to get Black and Gold Nucleus that you can use on the Special Order banners to get weapon upgrade materials, rare weapons, SR and SSR Simulacra. 

Shieldbreaker? Check, DPS? Check, Support? Check

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Earlier! As we mentioned, you get access to three weapon slots. We recommend you to equip them with a heavy weapon (SR or SSR) for breaking shields, something like Dual Blades, Pistol, EM Swords for DPS, and a support type weapon, like Pepper’s Staff. 

Wait! Did You Know That You Can Get a Free SSR of Your Choice?

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When you create a character in Tower of Fantasy—for the next twenty-one days, you will find a Newcomers event called Starpath Navigation. You can progress it to get free gacha pulls, an SSR Simulacra of your choice, and other lucrative items and resources.  

Complete Achievements 

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While exploring the Tower of Fantasy open world, you will fight many elite-tier enemies, and bosses and engage in other activities where you will unknowingly complete achievements. 

Go to the Terminal from the pause menu and claim the rewards that mainly include Dark Crystals and other things that you can use in Tower of Fantasy gacha, or to upgrade your weapons. 

Important Currencies in Tower of Fantasy 

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Here are some important currencies in Tower of Fantasy that you must know about – 

  • Gold Nucleus – You can obtain it for free. Used in Weapon’s Galore permanent Special Order banner. 
  • Black Nucleus – You can obtain it for free. Used in Weapon’s Galore (Black Nucleus Cache) permanent Special Order banner. 
  • Red Nucleus – Obtained via Microtransactions or Dark Crystals. Used in limited-time Special Order banners. 
  • Proof of Purchase – Used in Choice Matrix banner. Obtained via Clotho Supply Pod, microtransactions. 
  • Special Voucher – Used in Reconstruction gacha. 
  • Dark Crystal – Obtained via game progression. Can be used to get Nucleus type currency and other things. 
  • Tanium – Premium currency, obtained via microtransaction. 
  • Flame Gold – You obtain one when you perform gacha pulls using Red Nucleus. You can use it to get SSR, SR Simulacra, and other lucrative items. 
  • Dark Gold – You obtain one when you perform gacha pulls using Gold Nucleus. You can use it to get SSR, SR Simulacra, and other items. 

This is it. Keep checking our Tower of Fantasy guides section as we will be posting an advanced guide for Tower of Fantasy soon, which covers advanced techniques, glitches, tips, and other things on the game that will make your life easier. 

Tower of Fantasy is a gacha-based MMORPG available on the Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

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