PvP with no pay-to-win content is one of the main selling points of MMOs, and Hotta Studios Tower of Fantasy is no exception. The game offers different PvP modes players can use to check their combat capability with other online players to earn rewards or for some fun. In this guide, we will share details on how you can unlock and do PvP in Tower of Fantasy.  

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How to Unlock and Do PvP in Tower of Fantasy

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There are two types of PvP modes in Tower of Fantasy. Depending on that, you have different unlock requirements. The first PvP option in Tower of Fantasy is by challenging your friend or any other online player by interacting with them in the open world. For this, you need no level requirement. 

Secondly, we have the Apex League, the official PvP mode in Tower of Fantasy that unlocks when players reach level 31. Apex Leagues puts players in 1v1 matches where they have to score two points on a battlefield that shrinks over time to win the match. 

In Apex League, players don’t have access to Simulacra Traits, Phantasia, and Matrices. All players have is a shield and a balanced 1v1 matchup where even healing is reduced by 50%. 

If you are a fan of PvP, we recommend players to go for Apex Leagues. There’s a total of seven ranks you can attain in the League. These are – 

  • Private
  • Elite
  • Sergeant
  • Commander
  • Star General
  • Battle Lord
  • Grand Marshal

Depending on your Apex League rank—at the end of every season in Tower of Fantasy, you will get rewarded with lucrative in-game items and currency. 

How to Access Apex League in Tower of Fantasy

Follow the below steps to access Apex Leagues in Tower of Fantasy –

  • Open Tower of Fantasy
Image Credit – Hritwik
  • Click on the two swords-like icon [You will find it in the top right corner of the game screen]
Image Credit – Hritwik
  • Go to the Challenges tab
  • Select Apex League

That is it for now. Check out our other Tower of Fantasy guides on resources, weapon upgrade materials, food items, and everything else on ToF.

Tower of Fantasy is a gacha-based MMORPG available on the Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

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How to Unlock and Do PvP in Tower of Fantasy


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