Top 5 Storm Spells in Wizard101

Best Storm Spells
Best Storm Spells in Wizard101 (Image credit: Wizard101 Folio)

School of Storm is one of the seven schools in Wizard101. When creating a new character in Wizard101, players can choose to become a storm wizard, also known as a diviner. The School of Storm will hand out quests to help you unlock various storm spells. As clear from its name, storm spells are related to lightning and thunderstorms. There are over 30 unique storm spells in Wizard101, and most of them are loaded with. This article will delve into five of the most powerful and practical storm spells.

Wizard101 Guide: Best Storm Spells to Use

1) King Artorius

King Artorius

King Artorius is one of the most powerful spells in Wizard101. Diviners who have attained level 85 can complete the Letters of Light quest to unlock King Artorius spell. Storm wizards can use this spell to deal 1,115 Storm Damage to a target for 8 pips. It also applies a +10% Storm Armor Piercing Charm boost on the spell caster.

2) Stormblade


Storm wizards also have access to multiple damage-boosting spells like fire wizards in Wizard101. When it comes to storm spells, Stormblade always deserves mention. This spell boosts the damage of your next offensive Storm spell by 30% for a zero pip cost. Players can get Stormblade early in the game by completing the I’ve Got the Power quest after reaching level 12.

3) Storm Lord

Storm Lord

Storm Lord is another must-have card in Wizard101. It comes at the cost of 7 pips and deals 690 damage to all enemies while also affecting them with the Stun effect. Storm Lord has a 70% accuracy so that players can get the Stun effect most of the time. It can be obtained after reaching level 48 and clearing the Component Opponent quest.

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4) Supercharge


Supercharge is a Storm-damage buffing spell. It provides 10% Storm Damage Charm per pip. Diviners can spend the number of pips on this spell per their situation, which greatly increases Storm Damage in Wizard101. This spell is obtained by completing the Thief of Spells quest.

5) Tempest


Tempest is among the most popular and widely used Storm spells in Wizard101. It is an AOE spell and works amazingly against groups of enemies. Tempest deals 80 Storm Damage per pip to each enemy. Players can get this spell by completing the Boiling Hot quest available at level 28.

Diviners can obtain many other great Storm spells in Wizard101. If you got any Storm spell suggestions, feel free to share in the comments!

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Top 5 Storm Spells in Wizard101


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