Best Magic Schools in Wizard101 Ranked


Wizard101 is a unique MMORPG where you can become a true wizard. The project features a few different magic schools that allow you to cast various spells. However, you may want to know which of them is stronger and today we are going to help you. In this guide, we will rank the best magic schools in Wizard101.

Best Magic Schools in Wizard101

Wizard101 is a cool MMO that allows you to cast various magic spells. They are divided into a few schools and each of them has its unique features. So, you may want to know the most effective magic schools and hopefully, this guide will be helpful to you.

At the beginning of your playthrough, you will need to choose your magic school. There are 7 of them. So, in this article, we will rank these starter schools.

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7 – Ice School

The Ice School provides you with a huge amount of defensive spells. So, it works great against certain enemies and helps you to take less damage.

6 – Balance School

This school is really tricky. It has lots of different traps, buffs, crowd-control spells, and other cool things that will help you to defeat your enemies. So, the school is effective in group combats where you can buff your allies.

5 – Myth School

The Myth School is a great choice for those who want to summon different creatures. With help of these followers, you will be able to fight your enemies and defeat them.

4 – Life School

If you want to become a sustainable wizard that casts various healing spells then you should try the Life School. It consists of different interesting spells and we highly recommend you use it.

3 – Fire School

The Fire School provides its users with various spells that deal tons of damage. However, you should be careful with incoming attacks as Fire Wizards have really low health.

2 – Storm School

Storm Wizards are ultimate glass cannons. With help of this school, you will be able to deal tons of damage. However, it has the lowest HP in the game and you will have to be really careful.

1 – Death School

Finally, we came to one of the most interesting things in this game. If you want to become a necromancer then we recommend you the Death School. With its help, you will be able to summon different creatures and deal a decent amount of damage. Also, these spells will heal you. If you are interested in this kind of magic then we highly recommend you check our guide on the best Death Spells in Wizard101.

Wizard101 is a cool game and we will be glad if this article helps you to learn something new about it. Good luck with your further adventures and battles!

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Best Magic Schools in Wizard101 Ranked


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