Top 5 Life Spells in Wizard101


Wizard101 features eight different schools of magic that players can choose to specialize in. Out of all schools, the School of Life is the only one focused on supporting allies. Players can use the Life element to cast various healing spells to heal and protect their teammates from damage. There are well over 60 different life spells in this fantasy MMORPG. In this article, we will talk about some of the best life spells in Wizard101.

Most Powerful Life Spells in Wizard101

1) Forest Lord Spell

Forest Lord Spell

Forest Lord spell is hands down one of the best life spells in Wizard101. It has a 7 pip cost and deals 620-680 life damage to all enemies. Life wizards can unlock Forest Lord Spell by clearing the “Act Naturally” quest after reaching level 48. As for non-life wizards, they will first have to level up to 100 to unlock this AOE life spell.

2) Hungry Caterpillar Spell

Hungry Caterpillar Spell

Hungry Caterpillar spell offers both offense and defense. On casting, it deals 790-910 life damage to a single enemy and gives 800 absorb points. Players need 5 normal pips and 1 shadow pip to use Hungry Caterpillar Spell. This life spell is obtainable after reaching level 100 and completing the side quest called Walpurgisnacht.

3) Lifeblade Spell

Lifeblade Spell

Lifeblade spell is one of the few useful life spells obtained by playing the main storyline. This spell is given by Shalek the Wise while completing the Back to Balance quest. Lifeblade spell adds 40% damage to any life spell used next. It is a useful spell, as life mages lack offensive spells in Wizard101.

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4) Pigsie Spell

Pigsie Spell

The Pigsie spell is one of the best heal spells in Wizard101. It only has a pip cost of 4 but restores 550 health of allies on your side. Moreover, it is a craftable spell, so anybody can obtain it as long as they have the recipe and the Legendary Artisan crafting badge. It can also be obtained by farming Loremaster in Dragonspyre.

5) Rebirth Spell

Rebirth spell is another excellent healing spell for life wizards in Wizard101. This life spell restores 870 health for all friends and gives 400 absorb. However, it has a high pip cost of 8. Players can unlock this spell by clearing the Summer is Coming side quest.

There are many other great life spells in Wizard101. Players are suggested to use life spells depending on situation and enemy.

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Top 5 Life Spells in Wizard101


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